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5 Famous Danish Dishes

Denmark is one of those countries that do not receive so much international appreciation, but surprisingly, there is a lot that this country has to offer. It has a high standard of living with environmentally friendly, greener environment, and free education making it highly incredible.

It is termed as the happiest country in this world and there are clear reasons behind it. Denmark is home to one of the greatest cuisines all across the globe and this is why people living there are so happy.

Famous Danish Dishes

Here are the 5 most famous Danish dishes that will keep your mouth dripping:

1. Smørebrød

Regular sandwiches are common in most of the countries and they tend to be similar. If you want more filling and less bread, then this Danish kind of sandwich is an absolute treat. It is termed as ‘open-face sandwich’ in English. It comprises of one slice of bread and is packed with multitudes of topping on the top. Rye bread is used for this sandwich. It tastes incredible which makes it to number one in the list.

2. Chili con carne

Chili con carne is another famous dish in Denmark which is commonly known as chili in English. It is a spicy stew that consists of beef, chili peppers, and often beans and tomatoes. It may be enhanced with other seasonings as well such as onions, garlic and cumin. Several variations may be made if you want it to be on the vegetarian side. It is a perfect exhibition of spicy food.

3. Rugbrød

This is a Danish term for rye bread which contains rye flour, chopped or cracked rye kernels and seeds. It is usually based on sourdough. This bread is highly popular amongst the Danes. Even though this bread is available in other parts of the world as well, but natives are of the opinion that their bread is best. It is eaten along with meat or fish on the top. It is highly rich in nutrients and an easy-to-prepare dish.

4. Lakrids

This is another typical Danish food. It has increased highly in popularity in the past few years. Licorice is usually eaten along with candy and is also served in alcohol. It has a very special taste and holds an important place in the hearts of the Danes. It is worth a try if you have already not tried it before.

5. Risalamande

This dish is pretty much similar to American version of rice pudding. There is a topping of hot cherries on this dish which is served cold. There is a trend in Denmark during Christmas that whenever eaten, a hidden almond is to be found and whoever finds it gets a prize.

The bottom line

Here were some of the most famous Danish dishes. However, it is not an exhaustive list. Danish cuisine is very wide and diverse with hundreds of dishes that are popular all across the world. Having all of them is an absolute treat to the mouth.

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