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5 Devices to Optimise Your Lounge.

Smart devices are becoming a part of our everyday routine, and the advancement in technology means societally, we are becoming increasingly unable to live without it. In the world of technology, the options are limitless. Growth in technology has finally enabled people to replace household items with smart devices- and the lounge area is no exception. Optimising your living area is a great way to give homeowners the ability to add efficiency to their lives and make your home a more convenient and accessible place to be. The use of smart devices in the lounge area also makes your home appear more futuristic and offer increased productivity and connectivity. Here at We Buy Any House, we’ve listed the top 5 devices to optimise your lounge- so you can have the luxury of a smart home, without the research!

5 Devices to Optimise Your Lounge.

Gadget #1- Smart TVs:

It seems like the discussion around smart TVs has been ongoing for a while- but the fact is, smart TVs have advanced greatly in the last few years. The option to buy a smart TV with additional features and advanced features makes having one a necessity for every lounge. Most smart TVs offer self-lit pixels, so expect vibrant colours, super-fine detail and infinite contrast. Furthermore, smart TVs offer a sound system that challenges a cinema room, and with additional Bluetooth features, you can have access to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and apps such as Netflix and Disney +.

Gadget #2- LED Lighting:

Simple LED strip lighting can transform your lounge area from a cosy cinema room into a room ready for a disco at the touch of a button. Simple and convenient to install, they use double-sided tape to stick to any surface, and the end of the 5- or 10-meter lead is a plug. Controlled by a smart phone app, the lights can illuminate in any colour of your choosing- and can even synchronise with playing music.

Gadget #3- Smart Bulbs:

Never again will you have to worry about getting up to turn the light switch off. Investing in smart bulbs is the most efficient way to make your life that little bit easier- as they are activated by voice assistant. By simply saying ‘dim the lights’, you will instantly have the perfect ambience in your living room. Furthermore, the bulbs can be fitted anywhere, from specific areas of the floor in preferred areas, to fitted in a shelf lamp.

Gadget #4- Automated Shades or Curtains:

Recently introduced to the market, automated shades or curtains are a crucial addition to your lounge. Operating in a similar manner to smart bulbs, the shades or curtains close using voice control- but also comes with the option of remote-control activation. Useful and feature-rich, the curtains can also come with LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker- but the coolest part, is that you won’t have to get up to shut the curtains after you’ve got comfy!

Gadget #5- Motorised Projector:

Currently, projectors are extremely popular. The downside to a manual projector is that it takes too long to wind up and down- but thankfully, the motorised projector is here to save us all. Creating perfect functionality for your lounge, the motorised projector is easy to use and excellent for screening movies for family and friends, and if you purchase a projector that comes with additional features like Alexa, you can control the screen using voice commands.

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