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A Closer Look At Essential Living Room Tech

You can really make your living room an amazing space nowadays with the addition of some nice tech. This can add a little something extra to the space and also ensures it looks great – here are some of the best pieces available right now.

Essential Living Room Tech

1 – The Amazon Echo

It all begins here. The Amazon Echo is one of the leading home assistants right now. It may seem like just an elaborate Bluetooth speaker at first, but you’ll be all too familiar with its full potential once you familiarize yourself with its Alexa AI. Not unlike Siri or Google’s Cortana, Alexa can take notes, tell you the temperature, set important alarms, take appointments, create to-do lists, read out audiobooks, or even help you find answers to random questions you may have.

That said, Alexa is actually much more well rounded than her counterparts, and the Echo itself is highly versatile given how many other smart devices it can connect with. In tandem with the likes of the Philips Hue system and Sonos speakers, the Amazon Echo will let you take the first major step towards crafting a “smart home”. This won’t be for anyone that prefers staying away from Amazon’s products or those with incredibly tight budgets, but the Echo has it where it counts and it has only been getting better from one update to the next.

2 – Vizio E48-C2

Living rooms are meant to be places to hang out and relax, and we all know one of the best ways to do so is by chilling out in front of your TV. A good television can make or break your entertainment center or home theater, so why not splurge a bit and get the best? As it turns out, doing so isn’t even going to set you back as much as you might assume!

That’s where the Vizio E48-C2 comes in. This manufacturer has been earning an amazing reputation for offering some of the best picture quality around for incredibly affordable prices, and this model is no exception. Part of the popular “E Series”, the E48-C2 is a 48 inch beauty that will give you high definition and clarity that rivals that of many higher end models currently on the market. Place it above your new fireplace from Wall Fireplace Pros for the best and cosiest effect.

3 – Roku 2

Praise for the Roku brand is nothing new, and the Roku 2 more than lives up to the reputation. With a fully fleshed out selection of apps, intuitive search functionality, and an elegant interface, this device has everything you could want from a streaming device. It might not have the best remote in the world, but it’s of little consequence when considering the affordable current asking price. You may also want to consider Google’s Chromecast as an alternative, but the Roku 2 definitely has it where it counts.

4 – Monoprice’s 108250 Two-Way Bookshelf Speakers

A great set of bookshelf speakers is essential for livening up your audio experience. Many major film makers will tell you that sound is at least 80 percent of the overall experience when it comes to enjoying entertainment media. Don’t just stick to the stock speakers on your television; use the Monoprice 108250 speakers to take in every frequency to its fullest!

The sound quality is among the best you’ll find at this price range. True audiophiles will need to invest a bit more and even spring for surround sound systems, but this Monoprice model is a good way to at least get your foot in the door without breaking the bank. For less than $50, it’s really hard to go wrong here.

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