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5 Best New Joomla Templates

Joomla has been gaining the respect of web developers and designers for over a decade. This open source Content Management System allows users to create stunning and functional websites with little or no knowledge of web coding. The quickest way to setup a Joomla website is to use a pre-designed template that hosts your content and media. Check out these amazing templates that have been released in 2018 for your next Joomla-based website.

 Best New Joomla Templates

1. GoFast

The GoFast template for Joomla websites is an amazing example of what a great design team can accomplish with custom CSS, PHP, HTML, and professional quality graphics. This responsive template is efficiently designed and loads quickly on any device. This is a broad-purpose template that can be used for any website with Joomla hosting.

GoFast comes with 65 custom shortcodes to make building your website as easier than ever. You don’t need to memorize any programming or development syntax to create new pages or insert media and maps on your website. This premium template is currently $63 and works with Joomla 3.8 or higher.

2. JSN MovieBox

If you’re running a Joomla website with video content or a focus on entertaining or engaging posts then this is the perfect template for you. This well-made Joomla template contains a dark-themed layout with sliding image and video thumbnail boxes that expand when clicked. The videos displayed on this website will also be contained by a darkened light-box element so viewers can focus on the video at hand without distraction.

MovieBox comes with several extensions, most notably the JSN PageBuilder 3 extension which will allow you to edit and build your website without having to tap into the CSS files or write any custom codes. This template is available for free for those who don’t mind developer branding, or can be used commercially without developer branding for a $49 fee.

3. Fluent

Fluent is an impressive template designed on the Gantry 5 framework that allows you to create your own Joomla site in just minutes. All you need to utilize this template is Joomla hosting and a domain name for your website. Make sure to update your Joomla installation to version 3.8 or higher to make full use of this feature-packed template.

This template from RocketTheme contains both Block and Grid content options, half a dozen preset styles, responsive design, and custom typography so your website will look unique on the web. This is the perfect template solution for business websites and personal portfolios. Fluent was built with CSS3 and HTML5 so it will load properly regardless of which browser your visitors are using. This template also a pop-up module so you can easily collect email address for newsletters or provide special offers to your customers.

4. Evockans

Evockans is a multi-purpose template for Joomla websites. This premium template is ideal for businesses of any size that want a professional web presence. This template works on the latest version of Joomla and was developed with bug-free PHP and HTML5. This template offers 15 different homepage options and hundreds of specific layout options that can be changed using a point-and-click graphical menu.

This is the perfect Joomla template for online stores and retail shops with inventory to list or describe. This template also comes with an easy blog setup so your company can earn repeat visitors with engaging and well-styled articles and blog posts. The Evockans template from ThemeForest is currently priced $69 but can be downloaded free if you have anEnvatoMarket membership.

5. Curb Appeal

This awesome template from Shape5 provides you with everything you need to run a Joomla website, save for the hosting and domain name. Just replace the demo content with your own to launch any type of website in under an hour with this easy-to-use template. Curb Appeal is visually stunning with a top-anchored navigation menu, large image slider with a description area and call-to-action button, and over 100 module positions for total customization.

This template comes with custom highlight colors, layout color scheme options, and a sub-menu system that allows you to organize hundreds of pages of content into a mobile-friendly menu. This template was built on the Vertex framework which has been popular among website owners for several years. The Vertex framework behind this template allows you to adjust column sizes, add Google Fonts, and make changes to your website’s frontend without having to open any CSS, HTML, or PHP files.

These templates are broad-purpose and will make the perfect frontend for your Joomla website regardless of the size or type of your business, blog, or portfolio. All five of these top Joomla templates are responsive and ideal for mobile users. Make sure to get optimized hosting so you can utilize the extra features found on these templates and so that your users don’t experience slow loading times when using these high-tech designs.

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