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4 Things You Should Know When Trading with Pivot Points

You must have complete knowledge of pivot points to take full advantage of its power. From the pivot point indicator to resistances, you must know how everything works. 

When it comes to trading, it is the ultimate support and resistance strategy. Plotting resistance levels can be a trouble, but getting it done by professionals will take out all the subjectivity involved in the manual procedure. 

Pivot points are derived based on the floor trading. They try to frame the day based on the trade of the previous day. They use a framework or boundary to analyze the market from broader perspectives. It is due to this practice that pivot points hold the status of universal levels of trade-off. 

However, there are certain things that traders need to keep in mind even when they are using pivot points. 

  • Trade at the Right Time

When it comes to trading the pivot points, the timings matter the most. Figure out the best time to trade for your country and make your trades at that time. 

  • Keep a Close Eye on Central Pivot Points 

Central pivot points are an excellent way to measure trends of your trade. If, after the first fifteen minutes, you are trading below central pivot points, it is only wise to sell at the market. 

  • Know What to Hide 

You need to have a good strategy for your stop loss. Therefore, hide your protective stop loss 5-10 pips above the central point to avoid loss in the trade. 

  • Understand Partial Profits 

Always employ a multiple take profit strategy to make sure to give a chance to the market to reach for deeper support levels. 

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