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How To Start An IT Career In Sydney

Melbourne is still seen as the IT hub of Australia, but Sydney is a close second and rapidly closing the gap. In fact, Sydney pays its IT professionals more generously than Melbourne does. This has kicked IT recruitment in Sydney to high gear as it has never been before. IT companies and IT professionals are scrambling to find each other. If you are looking for employment in the industry, Sydney is where you would want to be.

How To Start An IT Career In Sydney

Industries today are gearing towards the 4th revolution, where full automation is the journey’s end. This is becoming a global trend, and it has decidedly changed the way businesses operate. And in a world where the line separating the physical and the digital is quickly disappearing, the demand for IT professionals has never been higher. And no other place in Australia has embraced Industry 4.0 more than Sydney, the centre of the country’s Internet of Things.

The demand for software developers and IT business and systems analysts are at an all-time high and will continue to be so within the foreseeable future. By 2023, experts estimate that Australia would need 146,800 software developers and 26,100 IT business and systems analysts, the highest and second-highest in-demand jobs across all industries in the country.

How to break into Sydney’s IT industry

Get the right degree

If you are a student and have aspirations of being chased by IT recruitment in Sydney in the near future, consider getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. It will prepare you for a career in software development or computer engineering by teaching you how to construct, analyse, and maintain software through both a classroom setting and laboratory sessions. It is highly math-intensive, with several units in algebra, calculus, and differential equations.

Other institutions offer software development itself as a separate degree and not just a specialisation of computer science. There is, however, still some confusion as to how different or similar they are, since they both lead up to a career in software development.

Gain hands-on experience

Before you leave the university, apply for an internship. It is the closest you can get to simulating actual work situations and give you a glimpse of a career in IT. Leverage online platforms such as LinkedIn and reach out to companies or to an alumnus who is already in the IT workforce.

After graduating, you could continue gaining hands-on experience from freelancing or by taking on hobby projects. It does not matter if everything you can think of has been done already, because, in all probability, it already has. You can do it anyway and try to build on it. And even if you fail on this, you will have learned valuable lessons just by going through the process.

Apply for a job

The most convenient way to apply for a position in IT is by going online. LinkedIn and AllJobs are two of the most popular career sites for job seekers and employers alike. But you would need to stand out from among ten million Australians already with profiles in LinkedIn alone.

A surer way is by partnering with IT recruitment in Sydney. You would have to do a bit more leg work than just surfing online, but they will be able to find the best company to match your skills.

A bright future for IT professionals

The future is definitely looking up for IT professionals and companies alike.  And with Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things just getting warmed up, things are only going to get crazier. For those who want to get into the IT industry, now is the time.

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