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3 Major Benefits Of Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras

The 2 main types of hidden cameras to select from are Wi-Fi cameras and self-recording cameras.  Today, Wi-Fi cameras are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to use and they are becoming more affordable thanks to technological advancements in wireless technology. Setting them up is easy and in just a few minutes, the camera can be up and running.  Additionally, you do not need expert installation to get your camera going. Clear here to get more information about Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras.

3 Major Benefits Of Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras

Common uses for Wi-Fi hidden cameras

These cameras are commonly used by the following groups of people:

  • Law enforcement – Officials in law enforcement use them to capture a variety of activities while on duty.
  • Homeowners – They tend to use these so that they can have evidence in the event that a thief or burglar was to break into the home.
  • Parents – Many times, parents purchase these cameras so they can watch what is going on with their kids when they are out of the home.
  • Private investigators – They often need hidden cameras when carrying out surveillance.
  • Employers – They use these to monitor activities at the office

Here are some major benefits of installing Wi-Fi hidden cameras:

  1. Connect to your smartphone – Most people today own a smartphone and carry it wherever they go. You can actually live stream images from your Wi-Fi hidden camera such that you are watching what is going on from your Android or iPhone device.  Most companies that sell these will also offer a streaming app at no cost, or at a minimal cost.
  2. Motion detector alert – Once the camera detects movement or activity, it will automatically alert you. This is a great advantage because you don’t have to sit there staring at your phone when nothing is happening. With the motion detector alert, you will be alerted when someone enters the home e.g., your kids, your pet, a domestic worker, or even a burglar.  This also works well if you install the camera in a retail store or office because you can see who is in the office after hours.
  3. Video recording – Even though the idea of live streaming is absolutely fantastic, you have to admit that there will definitely be times when watching what is going on live will not be possible. Good Wi-Fi cameras https://spycentre.com/collections/wifi-hidden-cameras also have the capability to record for the sake of documentation.  The video will be stored in a memory card that you can remove later and view.

With this technology, you can have continuous recording or motion activated recording.  If you want to save space in the memory card like most people, you should opt for the motion activated recording.  You also have the ability to remotely download the videos to your Android or iPhone device when using the streaming application.  Of course you will need plenty of memory in your phone for this.

With a Wi-Fi hidden camera, you are able to keep tabs on what is happening at home and in the office.  This enhances your sense of security and keeps your family and possessions safe.


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