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3 Legal Self Protection Legal Weapon Can Save your Life

Violence, harassment, attack, these words are pretty known to us because every day we are facing these practically. We are not living in a peaceful world where is no crime happening.

Though we cannot stop it fully, we may use our brain and self-defence equipment to escape from these bad situations.

 A piece of good self-defence equipment increases your Self-confidence to protect yourself from criminals.

Here is a list of the legal self-defence weapons which everyone needs:

Legal Weapon Can Save your Life

  1. Credit CardKnives:We used to use the knives to chop our cooking materials like vegetables, meat, fish etc. But credit card knives may save you from attackers. credit card knives are very thin, sharpand very comfortable to pick it. It took a little bit of space to carry it even you can carry it in your money bag as well.

    Credit CardKnives

  2. Stun Guns:Stun guns are one of my favourite and popular self-defence weapons because it has a wide range and less lethal. Why should you think about the lethal? Because if you use the lethal item for self-defence, the attacker can be dead, or the attacker can sue you for the use of a lethal weapon.

There are two types of stun guns one is cartridge stun gun and another one is handheld. Each type of stun gun has different advantages.

By the cartridge stun gun, you can shoot to your attacker and give them shock within 15ft distance. The main benefit of this cartridge gun is you don’t have to go near your attacker to give them a shock.

But there is a con of using cartridge stun gun is the cartridge is not reusable, you must keep backup of the cartridge, if you want to get protection from more attackers.

On the other hand, hand held stun gun is cheap and affordable, but you must go near to the attacker and push the gun on their body.

There is so many stun guns company out there but, I would say buy the best stun guns for effective and long lasting service.

Pepper Spray

  1. Pepper Spray:Peeper spray is the most commonly used self-defence weapon for everyone especially for women. They can carry it on their bag easily. Peeper spray is like a body spray cylinder, but it extracts oleoresin capsicum which is so spicy.

If you have ever chopped peeper then you know well, how your eyes feel it! When anyone hits by the pepper spray, it hits their eyes, lungs and nose.

After spraying the pepper spray, you will get time to do anything. You can flee, you can hit him/her, or you can call the police as well.

And the good news is pepper spray is legal to pretty much everywhere. There is even pepper spray for the animal as well. You can carry it when you want to do adventure in the jungle.

Summing up, in this society, you will not get police or friend always to escape you from violence, harassment or attacks. So, try to protect yourself learn how to protect yourself. There is plenty of self-defence device available out there, buy any one of them and stay protected.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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