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10 Easy Tips To Increase Your Instagram Followers

If you are a newbie Instagram user and finding hard to earn that “tiny red heart click” or likes on your post, worry not! This article is what you need. Not only it will help you to get likes on your post but it will also help you in increasing your followers on this social media. These tips were given by Olea Kiosks, the #1 provider of kiosks in the USA.  Check out the following easy tips to assist you:

Increase Your Instagram Followers

  1. Use Apps: Try to use apps to help you take your Instagram account to the next level. It will also help you to grow and promote the popularity of your Instagram account via fast likes and quality followers. Example: Insta Follow Fast.
  1. Use Trendy Hashtag (#): Try to use the most trending hashtags with your posts that are relevant and would increase your followers. Go beyond the obvious and one-word hashtags, get more creative with them. Try to express your thoughts or story with them. Be witty, funny, quirky, and sensible too. Example: #photooftheday, #instagood, #instamood, #followforfollow.
  1. Use Candid Pictures: Upload good candid pictures. People usually go for the images that are more relatable and less edited. Play with your photo captions, try to geotag, collage images etc. Candid images are used to convey the personality. Share some “behind the scenes” images. Try to use photo editing apps or tools to add different filters and effects.
  1. Use Your Bio URL: If you want to increase traffic to your latest and on-style content then change your Bio more often. Use the relevant keywords and a link back to your site. But, don’t overload your content as it would be boring for a user. Keep it clean, short and sweet.
  1. Post Your Content at the Right Time: Try to upload your content at right time, i.e., when the target audience would be online and there are chances that your content might get noticed. Most of the Instagram users are online in the morning and in the evening while going back home from work or college. Also try posting photos between 2 AM to 5 PM. As per research, this is the effective time to post.
  1. Try to Get Interactive: One of the best ways to increase likes on Instagram pictures is to use a caption asking a question. In bonus, this also adds in your comments. Contribute to huge popular conversations to start the interaction. Basically, your Instagram wall should connect to the audience.
  1. Use Instagram Video: The latest way to drive the traffic to your content is giving something engaging. There are many options to shoot videos such as boomerang, superzoom, rewind, hands-free, and live. Nowadays, big brands are using videos to spotlight their products with entertainment and telling a story.
  1. Follow Brands and People: To connect with the audience, first you need to follow them. After following, like their pictures and try to promote your Instagram. Try to answer their comments and questions. Reach out famous Instagram celebrities or Instagrammers and convince them to feature your Instagram account in their post or picture. Follow big brands to be updated with trending styles and facts.
  1. Create Your Own Style: Try to create your unique style if you want to stand out. Nobody is going to know about it unless you show it through your profile, content, and promotions. Inform your acquaintances and circle about it and try to share it wherever you can. Becoming an influencer on Instagram is all about understanding the business model behind generating an income along with building your following. When it comes to monetising your following, affiliate marketing is the most popular model. This is where you promote relevant products and service for a commission. So each time someone clicks on your link and purchases a product, you get a commission!Some of the top affiliate programs offer special payout rates for influencers — once you reach a certain level of followers.
  1. Remove Unwanted Content: If you want to keep your account safe from those who know how to hack Instagram, remove unwanted content of your wall. This might include removing the irrelevant or unwanted tags.

At last, it’s up to you how you make most of Instagram and its followers but it’s recommended that you use a good VPN when following these tips to prevent Instagram blocking your account. These 10 tips will help you build your followers and make possible a long-lasting engagement.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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