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Basics of Opening a Demat Account with Angel Broking

Opening a demat account is a basic task of any investors when they are planning to deal with investments in the stock exchange market. By opening a demat account, they would be actually opening their first trading account. Though most of the brokerage firm follows some similar steps, Angel Broking Demat Account comes with a host of benefits for the ease of the users. When it comes to opening an account, the first thing that comes to mind is the documents required to open the account including other hurdles users have to face. But surprisingly, when opening Angel Broking Demat Account, users need not worry as by following very simple steps, they would be able to open the account.

Are you aware of the procedure of opening a Demat account with Angel Broking?

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When it comes to procedures of opening an account, you must be aware of the hassles users might come across while opting for the same from any brokerage firm. In this case, the steps involved are as follows:

  • Search for depository – The investors first have to contact a depository participant or DP. The person would help the investors to download the application from the website. It can also be collected from the branch office.
  • Submit KYC documents – Following this, the necessary documents for KYC need to be submitted and verified by experts at Angel Broking for opening the account.
  • Details of KYC documents – The KYC documents include PAN card, address proof, identity proof, and recent passport-sized photographs. In addition to this, the service seeker also needs to submit a bank statement for the last three months, coloured photographs, income tax returns, and a crossed cheque.
  • In-person verification – In-person verification would also be carried out when the service seeker would be called up in the concerned office, or representative would visit their house.
  • Identity proof – For identity proof, the person has to submit voter’s ID, PAN card, residential telephone bill, passport, residential electricity bill, driver’s license and others.
  • Address proof – For address proof, any document with the service seeker’s residence address would be enough as address proof, and it includes passport, bank passbook, voter’s ID, ration card, driving license documents.
  • Final approval – After the approval of the verification, the person would receive the login credentials of the demat account. As soon as they receive it, they can start the transaction and check the details of the holdings via the application launched by Angel Broking.
  • Back up documents – Whichever document the service seeker is submitting, he or she should keep a backup of the same in case it is needed in future.
  • Attestation of the documents – The documents required for opening Angel Broking Demat Account can be done some of them such as Gazetted Officer, Notary Public, and Manager of a Bank or Multinational Foreign Banks with their name, designation and seal on the copy.
  • Attestation of documents for NRIs – For the NRIs, authorized officials of Scheduled Commercial Banks registered in India, Court Magistrate, Judge, Notary Public, and Indian Embassy or Consulate General in the country where the service seeker resides have the permission to attest the required documents.

How would users be helped by opening a Demat account?

There are certain benefits of opening Angel Broking Demat Account.

  • One of them is the easy electronic access to the details of the account.
  • Gone are the risks of physical securities and certificates that might bring in problems like damage, theft or others.
  • Buying, selling and transacting the share certificates can be easily done without the hassles of any kind of paperback.
  • Soon after the fill-up process is completed, the service seeker can start transacting via the account.
  • It would be of utmost convenience as the service seeker would be a few clicks away from accessing the details of the account and accomplishing the transaction after the account has been created.

While going through the basic of opening Angel Broking Demat Account, users also need an email account. The necessity of the account is illustrated further.

  • Having a valid email ID would be an additional benefit that would help the person to receive the transaction details and statements in the concerned ID.
  • Angel Broking would send regular alerts of the details of the transactions of the Demat account at the end of the day.
  • It helps to stay updated about the account and prevents unauthorized transactions via the Demat account.
  • Having email ID is also included part of completing the KYC procedure.

Wrapping it up

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Therefore, the person seeking the service of Angel Broking would be able to access the online transactions easily from the comfort of home or desk. It would also not involve any extra charges for handling the account. The person would be completed guided by the expert team of Angel Broking and he or she would be better returns from investments.

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