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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds – How to Create Fun Backgrounds for Zoom Meetings

The backgrounds that you would create for a Zoom meeting will depend on the environment of the meeting, whether it is a casual meeting between friends or coworkers, or a serious and formal environment of business meetings.

How to Create Fun Backgrounds for Zoom Meetings

A webcam will normally show just exactly what it sees, be it your living room, your kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom, and said rooms might be clean and neat, or maybe they are unkempt. Zoom provides you with an opportunity to set a custom background and not what the webcam will see, completely obscuring the actual background. The only thing that will be visible after activating this feature is your face. Zoom took a step up in this game by not only providing you with a static background image but also a background video, which is, in fact, a looping video.

Turn on your custom background within Zoom.

Initially, a green screen was required by Zoom to activate the custom backgrounds, just like the one that is required by movies for enabling a canvas for computer-generated special effects. This was changed with the development of the Zoom desktop, all that could now differentiate between you and the objects behind you. But, this custom background does not seem to work on the Zoom web client.

Enabling the custom funny zoom backgrounds is not a one-step task. It is rather complicated with a complex list of minimum requirements which boils down to two main points –

  • An up-to-date Zoom app which is running on Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • PC, which is supported with a microprocessor – quad-core 6th gen Core i5, 4th gen Core i7, or any 3 GHz processor with 8 or more cores.

The virtual background is available for the iOS (iPhone 8 and above or iPad Pro and 5th and 6th gen iPads). But support for Android hasn’t been listed.

After you open the Zoom main screen, go to the Zoom Settings gear in the right-hand upper corner. You are also provided with a Virtual background option. Steps for changing your background image has been made very easy by Zoom. When you turn on your webcam, you will be able to see what the other is going to see that includes you in your background. When you click to any one image below your window, your actual background will be replaced by either a static image or a looping video.

This Virtual background setting is not perfect. It may cut off some of your images, and it definitely doesn’t work well with those who talk using their hands. And also, make sure to not wear clothes that are of the same color as your background.

The process of creating a custom background in Zoom

It is relatively easy to create a custom background in Zoom, and you can make various funny zoom backgrounds in a short span of time. You can find funny backgrounds for Zoom at ZoomAppDownload. File formats supported include BMP/JPG/PNG for image and MP4/MOV for videos.

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