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Youtube Marketing – Post For Your Viewers Not To Get Views

Shouldn’t be your goal to boost the views? Well, yes it should, but you should ask yourself “Who is viewing your videos to get more view?” Now you have the answer. Your followers are the ones who are boosting the views, so when you create content your goal should be to attract more viewers.

Youtube Marketing – Post For Your Viewers Not To Get Views

Your channel is successful if you build a loyal following. Find out the secrets to growing Youtube audience and while some practices promise to help you boost the views, the following ones will help you grow the number of viewers, because real people are behind the views all YouTuber creators want.

Reach followers and retain them

It’s difficult to attract the first viewers, but they are the foundation of online success, so you need them. A great solution is to buy the first viewers and to retain them by providing content they are interested in. Learn more about buying views if you want to opt for this method. You should target the audience interested in the videos you produce. People love seeing videos they can relate to, so once you earn viewers, you can boost your views if you tailor the content to the community you built. For example, a fashion channel should devote the videos entirely to clothes, shoes and accessories.

Keep your followers happy

Your followers are the ones who matter. If you keep them happy, you can easily gain more subscribers and watch time. How can you reach 3000 YouTube views for a single video? YouTube is a social platform, so you have to communicate with your clients to bond with them and retain them. Use your videos to have a dialogue with your viewers. If you don’t like producing vlogs, you can respond to comments and say thanks from time to time.

Being consistent in the content you produce is also a way to keep viewers happy. You should exploit the same idea over multiple videos, or publish content on a certain day.

Happy Creator happy viewers

Followers want to see a charismatic person when they are watching a video. You should look for new ways to boost your inspiration and methods to sustain your brand. Your videos gain views if they’re authentic and you find naturally to speak about a subject. When you produce videos, you should discuss the topics that you like. Explore different formats and themes and identify the ones that interest your audience the most. It’s essential to reach to the users who share your passions. Do not post videos about themes you think are popular. You’ll be frustrated in the long run because you don’t post about subjects important for you.

When the topic you chose resonates with your audience’s values, you have to find a way to maintain their interest over time. Before producing content on a certain topic, you should create a plan on how you intend to reach your audience and how many episodes you need for it.

Bottom line: If you convince the public to follow your channel, you boost your views effortlessly and your platform reaches the success you want.

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