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Why Your Business Should Get A Toll-Free Number In Canada

Always wanted to do business in Canada, but don’t fancy relocating your business? You’re not alone. And the good news is – thanks to toll-free numbers in Canada – you don’t have to.

Get A Toll-Free Number In Canada

What are toll-free numbers in Canada?

Toll-free numbers in Canada, sometimes called 1-800 numbers,are well known in Canada and often seen on TV advertisements, in the newspaper or announced on the radio. But what are they, and what makes them so special?

Put simply, a toll-free numberis free for callers in Canada and the recipient of the call (your company) foots the bill. This is especially useful as it allows existing and prospective clients to contact your business at no cost whatsoever. Knowing that they won’t be charged for the time spent on hold or talking to an employee, customers are more inclined to make contact with you.

And that’s not all. Here we look at just a few reasons why you should consider getting a toll-free number in Canadaand what you need to do to get one.

Benefits of toll-free numbers

  • Improve customer satisfaction

Incorporating your toll-free number within your adverts and campaigns makes your business more accessible and customers can relax knowing that someone will be available to take their call. The bottom line is, the easier it is for them to reach you, the more likely they are to remain loyal customers.

  • Give your business credibility

First impressions count. Since the 1950s, when toll-free numbers were first introduced, people have associated them with well-established businesses. Today, toll-free numbers are used to impress potential clients and to show existing customers that a business is trustworthy.

Contrary to popular belief, toll-free numbers in Canada are not just great for large corporations. All businesses can benefit – including start-ups and those looking to expand and boost global collaborations. They give your business credibility and can help you to appear more professional and established (even if you’re not based in Canada!).

  • Increase your global footprint

Whether you already have a client base in Canada and the US, or it’s something you’re keen to develop, a toll-free number is an excellent way to ramp up sales and enhance communication. And, the best bit is, you don’t need a physical base as all calls can be forwarded to a number of your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Order a toll-free number in Canadaand take calls from your office (wherever in the world that may be).

  • Convenient and portable

Given that toll-free numbers are widely recognised as being ‘free to call’ in Canada – from landlines and mobiles – customers are more likely to call and get the answers to their questions, knowing they won’t pick up the bill. What’s more, once you add a toll-free number to your business, it stays with you forever. That means, if you’re relocating or swapping providers, customers need never know and there won’t be any disruption to the service they receive.

  • Enhance your marketing efforts

Toll-free numbers can help you to keep track of your marketing campaigns – outlining which are performing best and which perhaps need a little more attention. When someone picks up the phone to a client, you want to know where they came from. With that said, many businesses use toll-free numbers to create extensions which can be associated with a particular campaign – acting as an excellent marketing tool which, in turn, can increase call volume, sales and ROI.

Could your business benefit from a toll-free number in Canada?

G-Tele has been providing toll-free numbers in Canada, and hundreds of other countries, for the past 20 years and will be more than happy to help.

Simply click ‘order now’ and you will be allocated a number. Tariffs are highly competitive – starting from just £20 a month – and there are no lengthy contracts (just a minimum of one month). The team at G-Tele take care of the set up too and forward calls to any global location.

For more details, get in touch via the online enquiry form or send an email to We have a team of experts on hand who are always happy to help! Take advantage of our low rates now.

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