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Rocket League Attacking & Shooting Guide – How To ScoreMore Goals?

In Rocket League, how to do more targeted shots and score more goals? In this guide, we will give you some effective attack and shoot tips to help you get more wins and rank up fast in the new season! With our guide, you will learn how to score effectively and can rank up to top in the new season without spending money on any Rocket League Credits.

Rocket League Attacking & Shooting Guide

In Rocket League boosting by pros, once your defense is on stable tires, you can worry more about the optimal attack. With these tips, you should gradually gain more visibility and self-confidence on the field and always know what to do. As in football, it is not the only one who scores the most goals that is the best player. Keep a good eye for the player next to you, the observation of the general game situation and the ability to give templates – that is, to hit the ball in a direction in which the players have the prospect of bugging it into the box – these are factors that are at least as important. A detailed shooting guide from the professional Rocket League Items trading store – Rocketprices.Com will help you learn how to perform the fastest flip in Rocket League.

Tip 1 – Holds a Certain Formation

Depending on whether you’re playing three-on-three or four-on-four, you should always pay attention to the space on the field. Always keep a little distance from your teammates and close open spaces on the court so that no counter-attack can take place over this field zone. If two of your colleagues come forward, the team is better advised if you stay just behind the center line and from there catch high balls in your goal direction and try to nip other counter-attacks in the bud. As already said in the chapter of defense, the position in the area of the center line is also quite promising in terms of shots on goal, if you only adjust the exact moment when you rush with boost to a free ball to thunder it into the goal.

Tip 2 – Don’tEveryone Goes To The Ball

This is followed by this tip, which is also right at the front and at the back: we know that it is very tempting to throw yourself on the ball. But when everyone blindly comes to him and hopes to be the one who finally hits him, it only ends in a mass carjacking in which no one or everyone suddenly hits the ball and creates an unpredictable punch. Assess the situation and see if your teammate who goes on the ball needs help or protection. If he positions himself promisingly and makes the impression that he knows what he is doing, you are no help if you rush from behind without regard for losses. You also avoid scenes in which a bunch of cars stand under a high ball and wait for it to come down again. Rather keep a little distance and wait for a rebound or any bouncers.

Tip 3 – Perfect Shooting Skills

We have already talked on page one about the fact that flat shots are usually triggered by jumping into the ball, whereas a high shot is usually the result of driving into the leather. How you get the ball on goal in a given situation depends on the position of the leather and your relative position. Driving to the left of a ball that threatens to dove from the left post, a jump followed by a roll to the right (jump button, stick to the right, jump button again) is the right choice. So you push the ball back towards the box. On the other hand, you correct the course accordingly with the reverse maneuver.

Of course, “flip back” are also possible if you stand with your back to the gate. Jump vertically into the air, pull the stick backwards and press the jump button again as soon as the leather comes down. Always make sure that a frontal shot, if it comes too high and bounces off the wall of the enemy gate, can often become a direct scoring chance for your opponent. So don’t get annoyed for long, but go straight back.

Tip 4 – Follow-up Shots

It’s hugely important to chase a forward ball. On the way to the gate, he can be stopped, maybe bounce off the ball or otherwise get off course, so you only stick to it in order to possibly correct the shot. Just make sure you don’t get too fast and may overtake the leather. Then it becomes difficult to influence the trajectory of the play equipment and may even get in the way of it in the end. The exception to the “reset” rule is, of course, when one of your teammates is in a better position or simply closer to the ball. Then you should keep your distance and wait for any additional shots.

Tip 5 – Crosses and Passes

As in football, a flank is a mostly high ball beaten from the side of the pitch in front of the goal. Here, provided the appropriate timing is concerned, your teammates only have to “hold your foot” to distract the leather in the box. The easiest way for a decent flank is to drive the ball into the opponent’s half on the field side and then hit it into the corner of the field. From here, he will bounce almost infallibly into the middle of the field. This is almost always the better option than trying a shot yourself from an acute angle.

Tip 6 – Playing selflessly – Hand OverThe Ball

You’ll quickly notice which positions it’s easier and harder to get the ball on goal. It’s important that you learn to judge when to fire a shot, or when a teammate is better suited to it. A shot from a very sharp angle is often not a good idea. Instead, you might be better able to put the ball in the middle with a sideways jump so that one of your teammates can stop from a more promising position. If you want to improve your gameplay, check out more Rocket League guides here.

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