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A Bed Fit for a King, Found Online!

By some philosophies, interior design is about definition. That means defining what each room represents and making sure to convey that as effectively as possible. As far as the bedroom is concerned, the majority consensus seems to be that simplicity is better. The bedroom is the place where you sleep, and creating too much complexity or too much clutter can throw off the look and intention of your bedroom. If minimalism is what you’re looking for, you’ll find a lot to love about Modloft’s Prince bed.

A Bed Fit for a King

Royal Doesn’t Have to Mean Ostentatious

Forget the extravagance of Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles. The Prince demonstrates that a bed can be both powerful and appealing without having to be gaudy about it. The Modloft is modernist to its core and functionally imposing. The five-foot headboard towers over your mattress imposingly, but the frame itself is built lean and tight around whatever mattress it’s sized for. That means that you can have a bed built for royalty, even if your room isn’t exactly accommodating to luxurious furniture. That lean and modernist design is well complemented by the low chrome feet.

Clean and to the Point

A bed isn’t just there to look good. It’s to provide you with the most restful sleep possible. Fortunately, the Modloft Prince is made from only the highest-quality materials. Solid alder wood and sturdy pine lend a serious sense of weight to this frame without making it overly heavy or bulky to deal with. And that stability of the frame allows you to keep things simple for your bedroom as well. The platform design of the frame ensures that you don’t even need to use a bedspring. A latex or foam mattress can fit on top of it just fine on its own.

A Perfect Size For Anyone

It isn’t about getting the biggest bed. It’s about getting the bed that feels like it’s been tailored just for you. And the Modloft Prince is available in sizes that are accommodating to everyone. Queen, king, and California king sizes are available, and there are four dignified and muted colors to choose from.

Handsome But Practical

The combination of real wood and faux leather in the Modloft Prince gives it an impressive and elegant work, but there’s more going on underneath the surface than you might be aware of at first glance. The channels along the bed’s frame increase air ventilation so you can get a cleaner and healthier night’s sleep.

The Privilege to Choose

There are a lot of mattress companies that offer free trials, but there are far fewer bedroom furniture companies boasting the same. Modloft takes the liability off of your soldiers by offering you a free money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. That’s the kind of privilege that would once only just be afforded to royalty, but anyone can try it now. And if you’re a little light on money, there are plenty of financing options to choose from. That way you can get the bed you’ve always dreamed of today.

Delivered Right to Your Door

You don’t even need to leave your bedroom to order your new bed. You can find Prince king size beds online, and your order will be delivered right to your door free of charge. There’s no risk but a lot of potential gain from trying out the Modloft Prince. But whatever bed you choose, don’t forget that sleep takes up a third of your life. You deserve it to yourself and the people around you to get the best sleep possible.

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