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Why to Make the Switch to Solar Parking Lot Lighting Providers

Lighting up your parking lot is one of the best ways to reduce accidents and make it easier for everyone to navigate around your property, with solar lighting being one of the cost-effective methods of doing this. If you’re thinking of making the switch, read below to find out why it’s probably a good idea.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting Providers

1. Energy Efficiency

Harnessing the power of the sun is one of the most eco-friendly ways to illuminate parking lots. Without fossil fuels involved, solar powered lighting systems produce zero carbon emissions and don’t rely on the grid for operation – saving cities and companies thousands each year in electricity costs.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels and LED light fixtures work together to provide illumination. Solar energy hits PV panels during the day, turning it into DC electricity that’s stored until nightfall when sensors detect lack of daylight and automatically turn on an LED fixture.

Solar panels, LED lights and batteries are combined into one unit for ease of installation on new construction sites or existing lot spaces. According to your lighting needs and lot layout, you can customize both solar panel size and efficiency as well as battery capacity to meet them.

No matter where the lights are being installed – whether in a new building, repaved parking lot, or supplementing an existing parking structure – they can be placed to eliminate dark spots and light trespass on neighboring properties while installation requires no drilling or trenching work.

2. Longevity

Solar lighting has made great strides over the years and now stands as a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting sources. Solar lights capture sunlight to power an LED light and battery system completely independent from grid power and are unaffected by power outages in urban areas – making them an excellent solution for parking lot lighting solutions.

Initial investment for LED lighting may be more expensive, but according to this article – its return will more than make up for its initial expense in energy savings and maintenance cost savings. LEDs also boast the added advantage of using eco-friendly, renewable energy instead of fossil fuels for powering them – providing greater security than lights tied into traditional grid systems, since they will continue working even during power outages without being taken offline by local utility providers.

When selecting a light provider, prioritize one with high-quality products backed by comprehensive warranties and outstanding technical support services. This will ensure your lights perform at their optimum and minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Select a manufacturer with high-quality solar panels, LED lights and batteries when making your selection for street lighting systems. When considering all-in-one solar street lights as an installation solution it may be easier to choose an all-in-one unit which contains all three parts together in one convenient unit; some models even come with various styles or designs so you’re sure to find something ideal for your business!

3. Durability

Solar LED lights are extremely rugged, lasting through extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall. Their compact design enables them to fit easily into tight spots ( where other street or parking lights wouldn’t. These solar-powered fixtures save money on installation costs by not digging up pavement or concrete for additional lighting installation costs.

Quality solar parking lot lighting providers will have the ability to meet each site’s individual lighting requirements with precision. Working closely with their clients to assess lighting needs based on lot layout, any special features and other special considerations will allow them to recommend an optimum solution for each space.

They will select solar panel sizes that optimize energy production while selecting lithium batteries with enough storage capacity for supporting LED lights even on cloudy or cold nights will provide optimal performance for their customers.

Once the plans have been finalized, they’ll work with a qualified installer to have their new lights installed either on the roof or ground, connecting them using plug-and-play cables to connect to their battery and charge controller. At dusk when light levels decrease due to sensors at the top, these will turn on automatically – shutting off again once dawn comes again.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting Providers

4. Low Maintenance

If you want a parking lot lighting system that offers long-lasting illumination while requiring minimal upkeep, solar LED lights could be the perfect solution. Their all-in-one design combines solar panel, LED light, battery and charge controller into one compact package and can easily be installed into existing or newly built commercial properties without trenching being necessary.

Solar-powered parking lot lights offer another advantage over conventional lighting solutions: They continue operating even during power outages, making them especially helpful in areas where crime against both people and property is an issue. Such lighting helps deter criminals while providing a safe passageway after dark for people to walk safely in after dark even without electricity available to power these fixtures.

These lighting systems are also easy to keep up, since they do not require wiring or power sources for operation. Their LED bulbs should last 20 years or more while their solar panels can be easily cleaned by rainwater or visually. Plus, their durability makes them perfect for outdoor applications – well-lit parking lots or driveways increase visibility, allow security cameras to work effectively, and help to ensure customer and employee safety.

5. Security

A well-lit parking lot can serve as an effective deterrent against criminal activity such as drug dealing, loitering, and vandalism. This type of environmentally friendly light-source provides a cost-effective means of accomplishing all these goals while still fulfilling safety concerns during evening strolls or helping drivers find their vehicles more easily.

LED solar lights offer more illumination than conventional ones, making them the ideal solution for lighting large commercial spaces with ample open space. They can add flair and enhance security at military compounds, private roads and driveways requiring increased coverage with energy monitoring features and enhanced security measures.

The key to selecting high-quality lights is selecting a manufacturer with a proven record for producing premium products. Solar lights should be durable enough to withstand heat, moisture and dust conditions as well as boasting a high CRI rating system that measures how much color detail a light produces – this will ensure your parking lot lights accurately illuminate a variety of license plates as well as vehicle makes and models.

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