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Why the Website Builder Is the Best Choice for Small Businesses

I’d like to give you the best advice before moving to the heart of the matter: never consider your corporate website as a magic tool, which will increase your sales by 50% the day after it launched. You have to consider it as a tool you lose nothing with, which allow you to maintain your current position in the market. That’s all that matters.

So, if you’re the owner of any small business company or sole proprietor then time, financial resources, best quality and opportunity to give to the client a chance to evaluate the quality are the most important things for you. The best website builders, for example, like SITE123 is exactly what makes you enable to ensure the safety and availability of these elements. Let’s see how it works.

Website Builder for Small Businesses

  1. Time

During the time that you choose the suitable company ready to develop your future website you could to create the primary marketing tool yourself using the website builder. It is about the time saving only at the first stage. After choosing an executor, which will develop the platform from scratch, you should invest your time in formulation of the idea and your suggestions, waiting for the first web design sketches, approval or redesign, development of final version, final approval, content publication, and other interim actions. The website builder is a ready-made solution for any small business company based on experience of many successful companies and numerous marketing studies. You get the ready technical platform, ready web design with full customization options and ready marketing functionality to promote your business online. All that remains is to choose and customize template and layout you like. It is no harder than sending email.

  1. Financial resources

Your expenses for creating the website from scratch will be at least 5000% of your spending (if any) for its maintenance on the website builder’s servers. Also, you can use the absolutely free package and get the full functionality. The free package offers to their clients, particularly the powerful website builder SITE123. In this way, the website builder is a real opportunity to expand the borders of your business without spending a penny. The money saved you can invest in the advertising campaign launched on your website, for example. The easy to install and customize built-in functionality, just few clicks will be enough, leaves room for the marketing creativity. The first visitors or advertising campaign competitors is the core, which will lead your business to a new level.

  1. Excellent quality

Your own small business company means you understand the sales psychology, and what the thoughts of your potential clients are. It is doesn’t matter whether you own a hot dog or pancake diner on wheels or produce the sophisticated technological equipment. If your potential client sees that your company has the corporate website then it will enjoy the higher degree of credibility than your competitors without websites will. That credibility means you provide the excellent quality; otherwise, you wouldn’t have presented your product to the wide online audience.

  1. Opportunity to evaluate the quality

Few years ago, a friend of mine started a small dry cleaner in the part of town with two big competitors. It was very slow start of business activity, although the members of his family was handing out many visit cards. Launch the corporate website,” I’ve recommended to him, when he came to me once again to tell his story about the low income and poor client base. He countered that understand the web development anymore and don’t have extra money to invest in that. Then I gave him an idea about website builder. He spent only a few dollars to create small corporate website. On the signboard above the entrance he wrote the URL and added: “Visit our website. You’ll be surprised!” On the website he described in detail the working principle, bonuses and advantages of their services, which compare favourably with services of competitors. Also, he added the online support, which has been very useful for the potential and real clients. During the first three months the company’s sales increased by 120%. That was enough to pay taxes, salaries, get personal profit and save money for another one project.

There are many opportunities to give to the clients a chance to evaluate the quality of your products or services, but not all have time and interest to understand what your products or services are, right here and now, when you do that on the street. A corporate website is a tool, which makes you able to do the same during the best time not for you, but for your clients.

So, if you’re ready to lead your sales to a new level or at least maintain the current position on the market you can create your corporate website on the easy, fast and intuitive platform of website builder SITE123.


After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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