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Why it’s worth installing a browser extension to block ads online

AdBlocker by Trustnav is designed for laptops, smart phones and desktops to block out advertisements from popping out, blinking or appearing as you surf the web.   Adblockers are browser extensions that are installed in the browser as opposed to the operating system. But generally, installing adblock software is very fast and easy.  There are many reasons why you should consider installing these extensions in your browser. Below, we have outlined some of those reasons;

Why it's worth installing a browser extension to block ads online

Makes browsing safer

Adblockers are very important for they can make your browsing experience safer. This is because, there are some attackers who buy advertisement spaces on popular websites before using those ad spaces to spread malicious codes and applications to millions of computers around the world. These applications can cause a lot of harm to your computer and data. Therefore, the best way to get rid of those risks is by blocking all online ads from appearing altogether. However, it is important to note that adblockers do not remove all the ads from browsers because there are advertisers who pay ad block developers to have their ads whitelisted. Therefore, a user needs to take some more steps to ensure that their browsers are fully protected.

Stops ad servers from tracking you

It is important to note that ad servers not only send advertisements to your browser, but also collect important information about your browsing history and behavior so that they can send you more targeted advertisements. In addition, there are advertisers who sell this information to third party users. A good AdBlocker should be able to stop ad servers from tracking you.

Makes your pages load faster

When the ad blocker stops the ad code, text and images that come with online ads, your browser is free to concentrate on loading the actual content that is on the site. That means that you will either read articles or watch videos without experiencing distractions from pop ups and other flashing advertisements.

Conserves internet bundle

Research has shown that most of the internet bundles that are used in loading a site are consumed by downloading advertisements.  However, when you block all advertisements from a site, you get to save on the amount of data that is downloaded and thus, reduce the consumption of your data bundle. This can be important especially when you have a lean data plan. The data savings that you make can be used to complete other tasks online.

Reduces clutter on your browser

When you block all the advertisement from a website, you get to de-clutter the website. This enables you to not only read articles with ease, but also do other online activities without interference from advertisements. Without adverts, your browsing experience can greatly improve and enable you to focus on the primary activities that you are doing on the site.

Ad blockers are important applications that add a lot of value to web users and surfers.  After you install one, you will reap the benefits of a trouble free browsing experience as your sites will load much faster.

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John Paul
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