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Why Do Students Go To University And How Do They Choose Which One?

Having finished the school, students face the problem of making a choice that concerns their future career: should they go to university or not? Some of them decide not to study at university, because they think it is not an important part of their life and they have something more significant to do. However, the others do not imagine their life without the university degree. So many men, so many minds and quotes on these theme.

Students Go To University

What Are the Common Reasons For Going to University?

While studying at university, you acquire suitable skills, knowledge, and experience that will come in handy in your future profession. There is a variety of reasons for which students go to university.

Prospects for Further Employment

Among the reasons that increase the importance of higher education, first of all, the possibility of employment should be pointed out. At the same time, it’s not just about getting a highly paid prestigious job. Nowadays, young people understand that it will be difficult for them to find a job without experience and knowledge. The majority of demanded specialties can be studied only at university. If a graduate wants to become a lawyer, a doctor, an IT specialist or to receive an engineering specialization, he must study at the higher educational institution.

A Decent Standard of Living and a Stable Financial Position

Many graduates associate the presence of higher education with the opportunity to support themselves and their family financially. Undoubtedly, in modern conditions, this concerns not every specialty that can be obtained at the university. Moreover, even the presence of a diploma of a lawyer from a prestigious university doesn’t always guarantee high incomes and a stable financial situation in the future.

 Career Development

The possibility of career growth is directly related to the availability of appropriate education. This applies to both public services and organizations, and commercial companies. Even if you have been working in the company for a long time and show excellent results, higher education may be required to move up the career ladder. In this case, many people have to receive a diploma in the middle age, and this is much more difficult.


Getting a university diploma for self-realization is the reason to go to university for those graduates, who have already chosen their interests and preferences and make a decision, concerning the specialty. However, in most cases, this choice is quite complicated, and right after school, it is not possible to make.

Gain Knowledge

Not all graduates set certain practical goals for them. Among modern young people, there are many, who want to broaden their horizons and gain new knowledge. For them, the need for higher education is in the education itself. In this case, the received specialty often does not find practical application, but at the same time, it helps to increase self-esteem, which is also very important for a modern person.

To Study Subject They Enjoy

Students often decide to study this subject at a university that they have enjoyed it at school. Finding out more about something that is enjoyable will show commitment and can often produce excellent results for the students.

Other Reasons

Graduates include prestige, the need to please parents to the reasons for entering the university. Many of them are attracted by student life such as expanding the circle of acquaintances, the opportunity to have fun, and also to marry successfully. Nowadays, graduates can choose not only any of the universities that are situated in their local area but also prestigious foreign higher educational institutions. The wide choice of universities also increases the popularity of higher education.

 How Students Choose a University?

There are a lot of factors; students look at when choosing where to study. This year there was carried out an International Student Survey which showed that the first important thing for students is high-quality teaching. It means that they want to gain knowledge that will useful for them in future. Then they pay attention to whether the university offers scholarships or not. The third factor is which place the university takes among others. Also, it should be welcoming to international students, because people from different countries may enter it. The next point is that the university should be included in those that have a prestigious brand. Some students have family or relatives who have studied at that university. The others have been recommended to go to the particular university. Students also consider whether the university has a high employment rate or not. The least important factor for students appeared to be the possibility to make friends with people from different countries.

Keeping in mind all the aspects mentioned above, the decision of taking admission in the university should be finalised. For example, while getting into the world’s largest open university – Indira Gandhi National Open University, you need not go for in-depth research. Academically, IGNOU, being one of the finest institutions in the world provides over 225 UG (Under Graduate) and PG (Post Graduate) courses according to Placement plays a vital role when it comes to choosing a University for students. And, fortunately, colossal job opportunities exist for skill students of Indira Gandhi National Open University which is headquartered in New Delhi, India.


Choosing a university is a very important decision with lots of different factors to consider because it will have a lasting impact on your future career. Some students do not spend enough time on this process and do not consider thoroughly. This can definitely make you more strained and nervous during the selection process. As a result of your ultimate choice more miserable. However, if you carefully weigh all of these factors, as well as some of your own, you will eventually navigate your way through the process. Take it to step by step. Start general and, as you learn more about yourself and your range of options, get more and more specific. In the end, what started out as hundreds of options will be narrowed down to just a few, and you will find a great university for you.

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