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An Exotic Escape In Aruba

An Exotic Escape In ArubaIf you’ve ever dream of a Caribbean vacation, Aruba might be the place for you. Located off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is known for its pleasant weather year-round, stunning beaches, and interior desert landscapes. In the big cities you can find a vibrant cultural scene and high-end accommodation while in the small towns you can experience the charm of beachside village life.

            Travelers and photographers in Aruba can enjoy both the spectacular scenery and energetic culture that give the island it’s unique vibe. Plan ahead for a memorable vacation to make sure you make it to all the best spots when traveling to Aruba. 


Probably the most famous attraction of the island are the beaches, and for good reason. Aruba is known for its stunning white sand and variety of wave conditions, so whether you want to swim in calm protected waters or surf in stronger currents you’ll be able to find a good spot. To the northwest are the popular Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, known for the beautiful turquoise waters, making both places good spots to include in a photo shoot of Aruba. If you’re hoping for windier conditions for kite surfing and wind surfing, you can go to the east coast to places such as Black Stone Beach, Boca Grandi, and Dos Playa.

Culture and Landmarks

An Exotic Escape In ArubaAn Exotic Escape In Aruba

Perhaps one of the best-known landmarks in Aruba is the California lighthouse, located on the north side of the island. Named after the S.S. California which sunk off the coast of Aruba, the lighthouse is a great place to get iconic photos of Aruba. Another important landmark to visit is the Alto Vista Chapel, living up to its name meaning “high view,” being located on a hill overlooking the north coast of Aruba. In the capital city of Oranjestad you can find many other cultural sites, such as museums and art galleries as well as seasonal festivals and fun events for people of all ages. For a deeper look at Aruba’s history you can visit the Aruba Historical Museum, or there is the unique Numismatic Museum displaying various types of currency from all over the world and from as far back as 221 BC.

The Wild Side of the IslandAn Exotic Escape In Aruba

Aruba’s interior is full of amazing desert landscapes with cacti and large sand dunes. Arikok National Park is one of the top attractions, with many singular rock formations and spiky cacti. In the park you can also view and get pictures of numerous wild animals, such as lizards, iguanas, parakeets, and snakes. Within the park you can visit the Bushiribana Ruins, a site which used to hold a place for gold smelting. Arikok is a great place to get outside spend a few days hiking or horseback riding on the trails.

                From adventurous treks in the interior to sunbathing on the beaches, Aruba’s diversity and beauty attract tourists and photographers from around the world. Whether you’re hoping to have a relaxing solo retreat to get away from the rush of daily life, or you’re planning a vacation for a special event like a wedding or anniversary, Aruba is a great place to come. The sunny weather will be just the beginning of what makes your vacation memorable; in Aruba the sky can be the limit for your experience.

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