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Why Being an AutoCAD Expert Is Highly Recommended In The Present And Future

I have been reading an article in which a great architectural and engineering company reported the difficulty in hiring an AutoCAD expert. But, do you know what this is?

The AutoCAD expert is the professional who works with AutoCAD, even without the superior training in engineering or architecture. The expert draws plans and technical drawings requested by the engineers or architects – often they are well elaborated or presented in the sketch (draft) format. To be an AutoCAD expert, it is not necessary to get higher level of education, since many engineers and architects are exerting this function by the lack of professionals in the market. However, well beyond the software known, the professional must know how to read and interpret projects correctly. All experts must do the renewal of their knowledge as well as their software and visiting http://www.ige-xao.com/en/software-editor-electrical-plm-cad-and-simulation/electrical-design-software can be useful in case they need to do something in electrical field.

AutoCAD Expert

The demand always high by these professionals, even in times of crisis, is explained by the immense diversity of areas in which an AutoCAD expert can act. This is because virtually any human fabric today needs an earlier computational project to serve as a guide to its materialization. Thus, architectural offices, builders / developers, the furniture industry, advertising agencies, the automotive industry, and even teams of geographers (who deal with surveying) must constantly rely on the visionary work of an AutoCAD specialist.

The technical drawing at the beginning of the career of AutoCAD-based designer

To become a professional in this segment, you need to know, first and foremost, the technical drawing. This basically works with floor plans and some three-dimensional projections. It is a manual activity supported by rulers, squares, transferor and compass (in addition to the mechanical pencil, of course!) In order to facilitate the description and presentation of an idea through rules and procedures.

Scales, geodesic domes, angles and perspectives compose the graphic language that facilitates the understanding of the drawings and helps the future AutoCAD experts to become familiar with all this representation. Only after having deepened the knowledge in the technical drawing is it becomes feasible to start working with AutoCAD. The instructions widely disseminated in the technical drawing will be fundamental in transposing the drafts into the software environment.

In summary, be sure that wanting to tinker with AutoCAD without knowing anything about this line of drawing is like – in agriculture – wanting to make a good crop without having seeds: one thing is the other’s raw material!

The importance of learning how to interpret projects, besides operating the software

The importance of the AutoCAD expert being able to read and understand the projects that are delivered to them (even in the form of drafts) is total. It occurs because, in general, its routine involves the constant receipt of basic sketches of ideas that need to take shape by the computational way. Feasibility simulations will then be done in the virtual environment to then proceed to the execution of the project. There is only one detail: one does not reproduce what one does not understand, right? Well. The technical drawing courses help give the professional a broad vision in the interpretation of projects, making him more lucid in his profession.

After starting to learn AutoCAD, the professional will probably be led to make a decision: to go to Civil Engineering or to Mechanical Engineering, two of the areas that most seek professionals specialized in this software.

Average Salary of AutoCAD Professionals

With a quick pass through the Internet searching, you’ll see that the average pay paid to an AutoCAD designer is currently around $ 1,800-$2,000. The AutoCAD designer (which goes beyond the design developed from third party sketches, being responsible for various projects of equipment and materials used for the productive sector) has a higher average salary of just over $2,000 in average.

As we are talking about a profession that can be pursued only with a high school diploma, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the remuneration is generally quite interesting (especially since we are dealing with the initial incomes). Do you agree?

The professional market is very broad for an AutoCAD expert:

Where to work?

Furniture industry

After getting some experience you will be able to work in the furniture and decoration sector with electronic model, where the yields are even greater. The electronic model basically works with virtual reality, giving life to the design of a home, the changes in the layout of an office, changes in the arrangement of furniture in an office or even the redesign of a mall project. Everything can be visualized even before the beginning of the foundations or the reorganization of furniture.

To work with an electronic model, in addition to AutoCAD, you should know about another Autodesk program: 3D Studio Max. And if the focus is electronic modeling, you need to learn only one of the training modules: one that addresses product use. Of course if you know other modules – lighting, for example – their models will be much improved.

Architecture offices

Prior to AutoCAD, architectural designs were handmade, which took a lot of time and resulted in numerous errors. Through this software, however, it is now possible to create plants, cross sections and elevations in 2D or 3D (so that the created object can be analyzed from all angles).

The expert who wants to work in an architecture office should keep in mind the importance of going beyond the realm of software and seeking basic knowledge in the area of ​​buildings. In this environment, no one will surely teach you how to calculate a constructive element, for example, even though it is something fundamental in the office routine.

Mechanical Engineering

AutoCAD is essential in product design and its segmentation in several categories, always with great detail. This process facilitates the development of parts and equipment for various industries (naval, automotive and even textile).

Electrical engineering

AutoCAD is one of the most important software for electrician engineers, but not everyone dominates it as it should. With this, many of these professionals end up hiring AutoCAD expert to transpose drafts of electrical projects for the graphic environment, besides assisting in the design of the wiring of buildings and houses, representation of electrical circuits, etc. To further enhance your knowledge in electrical engineering, it is suggested for you to visit http://www.ige-xao.com/en/software-editor-electrical-plm-cad-and-simulation/electrical-cad-software.

Consultancy specialized in cartography and topography

Have you heard of companies specializing in the provision of aerial photogrammetric (aerial photographs), cartography, topography and the environment? In fact, there are several of these companies in our country and they all need good professionals with AutoCAD domain.

Companies like this work with interpretation of images of geographic aspects to elaborate cartographic maps and topographic maps. But how to do a good analysis without having a good 3D project in hand? It is here that the intense demand for AutoCAD expert in companies of this segment enters.

Civil Engineering

Imagine, for example, executing a hydraulic-sanitary installation in a building in the most absolute improvisation, without studying calmly the viability of pipe passages, possible incompatibilities with masonry walls or possible shocks with electrical circuits.

Do you really think that a construction company would spend tons of materials only to realize that the project is incorrect? Because this scene is far from the reality of construction exactly thanks to the possibilities of simulation with AutoCAD. This is one of the most common areas in the absorption of specialists in this software, the constructive area.

Another essential role for professionals trained in AutoCAD is to perform structural calculations to evaluate the weight and thrust force of various civil construction equipment. Created in 1982, AutoCAD became unanimity in software for projecting 2 or 3 dimensional environments. Its similar competitors, ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, and the 12d Model never came anywhere near its popularity, which reinforces the need to search for an AutoCAD course to learn the features of the application or learn the tools of its latest version.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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