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Why Backlog Grooming Is One Of The Most Effective Scrum Practices

Backlog Grooming Is One Of The Most Effective Scrum Practices Product backlog grooming represents a set of various user stories that are not included in the current sprint, but are necessary for the remaining scope of a project. This means that the product owner and the development team have to look into these items individually to come up with clearer user stories that are helpful to the entire system.

Having a backlog grooming will ensure that the development team stays focused on the important tasks to avoid problems when estimating the resources and time required to complete a project. A product grooming meeting is the main point of contact between the project manager and the customers. In this meeting, the backlog is broken down to user stories. So, why is backlog grooming one of the most effective Scrum Practices? Read on to know more.

1. Promotes team efficiency

Backlog grooming acts as a time saver and increases the efficiency of a team in many ways. One of the biggest efficiency it brings is eliminating the uncertainty by creating clear goals for the project. With a clear objective, it is easy to reduce the unknowns and focus on the right agenda of the project.

2. Enhances shared knowledge

Since the entire Scrum Team is involved in the refinement process, team members are able to share knowledge and brainstorm. This has a positive impact in trying to get the best out of every department. One of the major benefits of shared knowledge is that it improves team efficiency, hence better results for the intended project.

3. Accurately estimated stories

One of the objectives of any backlog refinement is to come up with well-refined stories to replace the old ones. With the right backlog grooming, the product owner and his/her team is able to come up with stories that are accurately estimated, tested and implemented. All the loopholes that may occur in agile methodology are eliminated to make the project more successful.

4. Time for the Sprint Planning meeting is minimized

The time required for the Sprint Planning meeting greatly depends on how well the backlog grooming is done. If the refinement covers most of the objectives effectively, then little time will be required for Sprint Planning. This is the reason why early preparations are required for backlog grooming because it affects other meetings.

Considering the many Scrum ceremonies such as Retrospective and Review, a lot of time is required for Sprint Planning. However, effective refinement could ease the burden of Sprint Planning by cutting this time during backlog refinement.

5. Eliminates delays emanating from external dependencies

External dependencies lead to a lot of time wastage when trying to accomplish a successful project. Other instances that lead to time loss is the process of analysis and architecture. The refinement process helps to discover such loopholes early enough to avoid any delays to the Scrum Team.

The points above show how effective backlog grooming could help in improving the outcome of a project. Agile backlog grooming should be given great priority because, if done well, it could make the entire project easier and more successful.

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