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How does AI improve Project Management Frameworks?

Artificial Intelligence has evolved drastically in this decade and is expected to improve all the more by 2030. This blog, however, circles around the benefits of AI specific to the project management framework in recent years.

While the need for AI is evident, businesses will benefit from knowing where it can best be leveraged in order to invest in the right automation processes. Let us take a look at how the project management framework has benefitted from the implementation of AI;

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Project Framework

Many businesses have started considering the potential of artificial intelligence and the benefits they could obtain. Its advancing versatility is helping boost the authenticity of the project management framework in the following ways;

1. Scoping

A mind map represents the workflow with the tasks plotted at the centre and linking the resources around it. The scope management process comprises of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps in the creation of these mind maps. The WBS created within the AI system has increased the accuracy of plotting the tasks or hierarchical structures.

Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in scoping with the help of automating the mind mapping process. It lays down the foundation for scheduling, resource management, and task assignment. Hence, with the help of artificial intelligence you can have the detailed WBS and ultimately, a well-defined scope of the project.

2. Scheduling

The prerequisites of performing scheduling are a well-defined scope and WBS. Moreover, AI assists the system in separating the priority tasks amongst the less important ones along with the workflow synchronized to the plan’s feasibility in the real-time.

You can proactively keep track of the desired milestones while scheduling the tasks on a timeline. The scheduling feature can provide you the email alerts and support messages so that you don’t miss out on completing vital tasks.

3. Resource Management

The task of the resource manager gets a lot easier with an artificial intelligence system. It keeps an enterprise-wide record of tasks and resources assigned to it. Additionally, it represents the real-time engagement of cross-functional teams on various project tasks and their future availability.

A resource management tool can produce timely alerts and reports of the utilization rates which otherwise seems impossible if done manually. In fact, the resources can check their responsibilities on their system dashboards. Hence, AI benefits resource planning and management at both ends i.e. the resources and resource manager.

4. Collaboration

Artificial intelligence bots simplify the integration of various productivity enhancing tools into a single project so that you can have all the project data compiled in a single place. Additionally, artificial intelligence can help you utilize the extensions/integrated tools at their maximum efficiency.

You can even utilize the collaborative feature which compiles multiple figures and data in an easy to understand graphs, charts, etc. As a matter of fact, AI bots can manage the communication medium with interactive functions making the flow of information a convenient task.

5. Quality Management

Project quality planning is a hectic task comprising of endless documentation and standard verification of reports. Formerly, manual control was considered essential to validate at regular intervals until the emergence of cognitive AI bots. Although it requires regular validation and correction at times a manual control was considered essential until AI systems emerged with cognitive bots.

You can rely on a part of AI technology i.e. a machine learning system that will evaluate the project quality status. In fact, manufacturing industries have prominently used and improvised AI capabilities. Similarly, every business can have the most benefits using the AI system.

6. Communication

Artificial intelligence helps project teams to appropriately fill the communication gaps while saving time. Chatbots and the notification prompting feature always keeps you updated about the project happenings. It even allows you to filter the important communication threads from the regular ones. Also, you get notified when someone mentions you in the conversation so that you don’t miss out on it.

Chatbots and machine learning systems-powered with Natural Language Processing(NLP) efficiently interpret the conversations. It helps you remain on the same page with the stakeholders especially clients, project leaders, and team members. As a matter of fact, a text analyzer powered with NLP can help you navigate social media, articles, and other content related to your project.

7. Risk Management

Risk planning is essential to ensure project success because it can help you identify the underlying risks in the project plan. There, artificial intelligence helps the risk assessment team to calculate, simulate, and later prevent the risk. The fast and precise assessment process makes an AI system an essential asset during risk management.

AI allows you to assess the impact of the risk accurately with a deeper  scan into the project data from the storage. Moreover, methods like predictive analysis and fuzzy logic help you understand the risk plan by simulating various approaches towards it and their results.

Artificial intelligence efficiently improves workflow efficiency when you implement it in the framework. The predictive analysis working on several pre-set algorithms brings the most accurate and reliable output within your operational processes.

You can prepare more detailed WBS without spending much time and allowing the system do the task. Along with that, the AI system lets you fill the communication gap throughout the enterprise which is a huge factor to strengthen the project workframe. Hence, the implementation of AI lets you manage the project without wasting time on mundane activities.

Author bio:

Mahendra Gupta is PMP certified in the smart workforce planning and resource management domain. He is the subject matter expert in resource management and workforce planning at Saviom Software. His experience has enabled multinational businesses around the globe to diversify their project portfolio. Follow his work here.

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