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Car Insurances -All You Need to Know

Vehicle insurance is pretty vital for any vehicle owner as this lets you avail of financial support at the time of an accident, be it the owner’s fault or the oncoming vehicle’s fault. Most accidents that happen on the road are car accidents, with victims more than often suffering traumatic injuries. Insurances cover the cost of expenses to cover damages suffered by the car owners, other people who suffered an injury in the accident,  as well as the cars. However, there are different types of car insurance available to you with complex terms and provisions that you may not be aware of. Here are the different types of car insurances you will find in Australia along with their coverage:


  • Comprehensive Cover: This type of insurance gives cover to replacements and repair of the owner’s vehicle as well as property be it at their own fault or not. This cover also gives support to any cost of emergency repairs suffered by the owner or transportation costs along with any damages caused to the negligence of other drivers.


  • Third-Party Cover: Any damage caused by the car owner to another car or property will be covered by the theft, third party, and fire cover. However, this does not cover the damages caused to the owner’s car. In general, this insurance covers all legal costs and but limited to damages caused by uninsured drivers as well as claim services.


  • Theft, Third-party, and Fire Cover: Losses and damages suffered by your car or in the event that it is stolen or catches fire, this insurance gives you cover. But as the owner of the insurance, you are still liable to damages caused by your car to other people’s property.
  • CTP or Compulsory Third Party Cover: This insurance is better known as the ‘green slip’ cover. This insurance is compulsorily required to be registered by every Australian driver. This cover reimburses all drivers who are legally accountable for personal injury they have caused to another party due to a car accident. This cover is applicable to drivers, cyclists, passengers or even pedestrians who have been a victim to your recklessness. Verify with the different types of car insurance on Iselect for CTP in different states to know the variation in the rules.


  • Additional Insurance Coverage options: Apart from the standard insurance cover provided, some insurance providers have added features and functions that benefit the insurer, for instance, new car replacements or even a protected ‘No Claim’ bonus as well as a choice of your repair. Compare different policies to find a better option with more benefits to suit you.

Getting Car Insurance:

Basic insurance should basically protect your family as well you against any losses you, your property or your family may suffer. The variation in cover options can make the policy pretty complex and confusing to the layman. Different types of car insurance provide different policies, but the process that follows for buying Insurance remains the same. Here are ten simple tips you can follow before buying an Insurance via Iselect:


  1. Determine and confirm your coverage requirements
  2. Compare several insurance cover quotations
  3. Comprehend the benefits provided through car insurance
  4. Familiarize yourself with cover policy terminologies
  5. Understand your vehicle and its driving history- thus its requirements.
  6. Establish your financial strength – how much can you afford
  7. Assess the insurer credentials
  8. Re-establish the fine prints and statements in the policy
  9. Bargain for a lower premium.
  10. Ensure you review your car insurance policy frequently and keep it in check.


No matter how complex the policy may sound, at the end of the day, you are required to hold an insurance cover for any vehicle you may own as per Australian laws. Verify the options you have by visiting and find the perfect policy that suits your needs.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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