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Which Tire Should You Pick For Your Car? All-Terrain Tires Vs All-Season Tires

For most SUVs and trucks, most of the results of the search are all-terrain tires and all-season tires. These are prevailing options for SUVs and trucks as almost drivers find that they are the likeliest fit.

So, how do you choose between all-terrain tires and all-season tires? The decision bases on your driving circumstances. This article below will give you some detailed information about these two types of tires.

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All-Terrain Tires versus All-Season Tires

All-Terrain Tires

The manufacturer often designs all-terrain tires to work well on numerous surfaces and for off-road performance. These tires carry a tread pattern that looks more aggressive.

All-Terrain Tires versus All-Season Tires1

This tread pattern supplies better traction in conditions such as softer terrains or mud. In comparison with the heavy-duty tires, the all-terrain tires run well on highways and dry roads, providing a smoother drive.

All-terrain tires can wear more quickly than all-season tires, so the manufacturer recommends getting a rotation frequently.

All-Season Tires

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are standard on the majority of vehicles. They work well in a variety of weather conditions and focus on pavement driving. However, they are not an optimal option for off-road performance.

This tire type accommodates a great balance of traction between the dry and wet roads. So, all-season tires perform well on basic conditions and on the highway throughout the year.

Comparison Between All-Terrain Tires And All-Season Tires

Comparison In Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance is the quantity of friction that the tire causes when it moves across the pavement. And all-season tires have a higher rank in this feature, which provides fuel savings spent to operate the vehicle.

Comparison In Handling And Braking

All-season tires are better in handling on pavement and braking than the all-terrain ones. However, all-terrain tires often brake well in water, which helps to prevent hydroplaning.

Overall Comparison

As each type of tire is designed in particular areas, it will be effective based on the conditions it works. All-terrain is off-road while all-season is on-road. The performance of tires varies widely, so make sure to find individual tire instead of general use.

Things Considered Before Purchasing Tires

Tire Size

When choosing new tires, you must consider their size carefully. To do this, knowing how to measure tire size is an essential skill for you. It will display on one side of the tire in a standardized way.

For example, on a tire that says 180/50 R 15 87V, you can understand that:

Tread width is 180 millimeters

Percentage width is 50%

R is the tire radial structure.

The wheel diameter is 15.

The tire load index is 87, with V the speed class of the tire.

In addition, you can understand that width of tire, size, and wheel height represent the size of the tire.

Rim size

When choosing any tire, pay attention to the size of the rim you will install. If the rim does not fit the tire, it will affect the quality of your driving.

Width of thorns

The width of thorns determines the car’s performance and affects your comfort level when driving. Depending on your vehicle, choose the suitable tread width.

Sidewall height

After you have selected the rim size and width, consider the appropriate horizontal height. A proper horizontal height will help keep the extra tire size the same as the old one.

The overall quality of tires

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering the overall quality of tires.

The reputation of the manufacturer

You can read reviews, ask friends or those who have used. A manufacturer with a high reputation will surely bring high-quality products. You can buy the best brands of tires and wheels in Canada at TDot Performance.


Many tires have a warranty. However, it may be limited because insurance will not pay for much damage. Each manufacturer has distinct types of warranties.

Date of manufacture

The 4-digit DOT code on the side of the tire will tell you the week and year of manufacture. The new the tire, the better. Avoid buying tires that are older than 6 months and buy nothing older than 1 year.

Additional technologies

Every manufacturer has its own way of producing tires, but do not focus on this part much unless it is a technological revolution. However, they will choose unique names for their added technology.

The condition of the vehicle

Tires are the main part of keeping your car over the ground. So, mounting a small-size tire might make the rubber under high pressure. This leads to the risk of car crashes. Both smaller and bigger tires need new wheels to be well-operated.

The speedometer reading

The reading of your vehicle’s speedometer often depends on the tire’s full rotation cycle. Therefore, once you change your tire’s size, you also alter the length of a circle. If the manufacturer makes such speedometers for a specific rotation length, decreasing or increasing it may provide wrong readings for you.

The speedometer reading

The automatic transmission

If you buy tires in a different size, your wheels will have different speed and rotation. Therefore, smaller tires need to rotate more to gain the needed speed. Besides, the transmission changes according to the speed, which alters the shifting time as well.

Apart from that, it may also impact on the uphill/downhill shifts and fuel consumption. It is possible to modify the tire size providing that you avoid these problems. But you still should consult the manufacturer agent.

Moreover, you will have to adjust the speedometer and the transmission and keep your car’s load with the accepted parameters. In case you do not have the vehicle manual, you can find the same information on your car. It must be at the trunk lid, door port, door edge, or glove compartment door.

If you purchased a used car, the information may be painted over. You can ask the third-party services or find information on the website of the manufacturer.

Choose Tires Carefully

The choice of a tire will determine the quality, the load, and the speed of your car. It also indicates if you waste money on nothing or the best tire serving you for years. So, if your choice is wrong, it will jeopardize your car and yourself.

The wrong size can cause trouble for the functions of your vehicle, and tire age can result in tire failure. Therefore, you should ensure that you choose the best tires carefully for your vehicle.

The aforementioned reviews guide you toward the informed decision of All-Terrain tires or All-Season tires. They are common features that trucks and SUVs users usually consider. Hopefully, you will have the right decision.

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