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Top 5 Bright Ideas To Improve Your Car Performance

The car’s engine will degrade and weaken over the years. Some simple ways below will help you improve this problem and help your car engine regain its performance.

When it comes to purchase a new vehicle, users always care about its performance. Most of new cars will perform well while in their life expectancy range. However, they will increasingly degrade and wear out the tires quickly over the years with hard and regular use.

If you have a long-used car and hope to better its performance as soon as possible, we would recommend these below tips. Also, the primary part belongs to the car tires if you know how to take excellent care of them. And you need to choose the right tires to improve your vehicle performance. But don’t worry. There are functional parts of the car that need improvement, too. Let’s see how we can make a deal with it.

In this article, we would like to present top five bright ideas to improve your car performance, including the car tires and other necessary segments.

Replace Worn Parts

Replace Worn Parts

Caption: Worn car parts may produce serious engine issues when you’re on the way

After a long time of using the parts, the engine parts are less worn out. This is also one of the reasons that reduces engine power. For example, when the cylinder is scratched, the piston is abraded, the transmission is stagnant. It results in a significant reduction in engine power. So, if possible, it is necessary to replace these parts after extensive use. And you know with all the recent technological advancements, one can also buy car parts online with such ease.

Moreover, it is advisable to reduce the load of unnecessary equipment or items from the car, not to store the old spare parts that have been replaced on the vehicle. This contributes to reduce vehicle weight, help open space, improve the performance of cars, speed it up rapidly.

You can also upgrade the carburetor. For older cars, carburetors are often used to mix air and fuel in a proper proportion and then supply the engine to burn.

Although, there is no fuel injection system like a modern car, you can still accelerate your car by upgrading from a 2-throat carburetor to a 4-throat one to increase fuel burning efficiency. With a relatively small amount, your old car will increase the speed significantly.

Using Car Tires Tips/ Replace New Tires

Using Car Tires Tips & Replace New Tires

Caption: Tires play a vital role in car performance, so let’s first notice at them

You may not believe it, but there are quite a few tricks with car tires that will help your car increase the power such as adjusting the precision of the two front tires according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Therefore, they are straightforward.

Also, you can roll the tires to speed the car but this will make the speedometer inaccurate, use lighter weight tires and a more expensive way is to use carbon fiber tires.

Have you ever heard about the smaller tires are more taut? It sounds strange, but changing tires can help increase horsepower. The first thing you can work on is aligning the tires. We should orient tires in a tighter fashion for better steering and horsepower.

Opting for shorter tires than regular ones is also a recommended option. Although the speedometer will not work properly, shorter tires help to accelerate better. Another thing might be light tires, but this can be quite costly. Therefore, choose your modifications wisely.

Upgrade Catalytic Converter

When the cars were first required to have catalytic converters, manufacturers hastily installed the parts in place to ensure legal circulation. They did not care about the catalytic converter operation, although this device also contributed to ensure the fresh air for the environment.

It took decades for the system to improve, even cars manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s still had low-quality catalytic converter converters.

Try to assume what would happen if you added lead-containing gasoline to the catalytic conversion chemical equation. You will be lucky if you can drive up the hill. Try this: exchange an old adapter with a more modern new adapter and feel the difference when pressing the throttle.

Upgrade The Air Intake

Upgrade The Air Intake

Caption: The upgrade of the air intake brings significant power to the old car engine

Cooling air to increase the density of intake air into the engine is the first way experts think of to increase engine power. The intake car part helps the combustion process be strong, increasing the thrust of the piston, and increasing the engine power from 5 to 7 horsepower.

Note, this only applies when the amount of air intake is limited compared to normal. In case the engine’s air intake system works well, the intake volume is large and clean. So, it should switch to other ways.

Also, introducing the Nitrous Oxide System NOS is a suitable way. It works by adding gas right in front of the combustion chamber inlet, then the combustion process draws this gas inside. When the heating temperature is about 300 degrees Celsius, N20 will be pyrolysis and converted into simple nitrogen and oxygen.

It is worth mentioning that the amount of oxygen in N20 is 2.3 times higher than the amount of oxygen in the air. This amount of oxygen helps to increase engine performance significantly.

Install The Turbochargers 

Install The Turbochargers

Caption: To allow emissions to the environment within the permissible range, each car must have a catalytic converter

Besides the ways to improve the power of the old car engine on car, users can also think of choosing turbochargers The installation of a turbocharger will improve the engine’s performance, which is much more economical than a complete replacement of the engine.

Turbochargers are usually fitted on most diesel engines, but can also be used on gasoline engines to improve performance. To upgrade the turbocharger, you need to change both the exhaust and air intake systems. Therefore, this method will cost more, but in return will work in the long run.

In short, if you want your car engine function perfectly to the extreme, you must take intensive care of it right at the start. Don’t wait for it to wear out and being exhausted then you hurriedly find out ways to take it back to the race. Besides, car tires are the key problem that reduce its performance. Hence, you should use and warrant the tires properly.

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