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When to Tip The Casino Dealer?

When to Tip The Casino Dealer

Casinos get a huge level of critical acclaim these days, especially in places like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, cities that have carved themselves out as modern gambling paradises. One of the main reasons for this is simply the outrageous size and level of grandeur that emanates from these huge casinos, however there is also a very forgotten backbone behind the success of various casino establishments across the globe… If you are not big on giving tips, you might want to try online and play Mermaid Millions Slot.

Oh yes, that’s right – everybody always forgets about the humble casino dealer, however in actuality these people are what keeps casinos ticking over. Without casino dealers people simply would not be able to play games like poker or roulette, however they rarely get the mention that they deserve. This is why it is important to learn the ins and outs of tipping casino dealers, as it isn’t something that usually gets spoken about, however it is essential to keeping these people comfortable in their jobs. Read ahead for an exploration into when to dip the casino dealer.

Where in the world are you gambling?

Just like in various restaurants and bars around the world the attitudes towards tipping casino dealers differ from place to place, so the first thing you will need to ask yourself in relation to tipping is where in the world you happen to be gambling. For example, gamblers playing in Las Vegas or anywhere in the US will find it pretty necessary to tip dealers as that is the culture. On the other hands, European casinos have a much more lax attitude when it comes to tipping, and it isn’t expected all of the time at all.

It is very important to remember these different attitudes too, because not doing so can result in some awkward situations to say the least. For example, gamblers who are constantly tipping dealers when it isn’t popular will probably get a load of funny looks, and vice versa gamblers who are failing to tip dealers when it is the done thing won’t make themselves particularly appealing to the dealers themselves.

The end of the game tip

The next thing to consider when tipping a casino dealer is when exactly you should do so, because you cannot just tip dealers willy nilly whenever you fancy it. Your fellow gamblers aren’t going to be particularly happy if you just start tipping the dealer in the middle of a game of roulette, for instance, and this will most probably break the dealer’s stride too.

Generally it is safe practise to wait until the end of a game to tip the dealer, as this is what most dealers and gamblers will expect.

Tipping in the form of a bet

Most tips come from gamblers throwing a chip or two to the dealer, however a more fun way of doing this is to place a bet on behalf of the dealer and tip them in that way. The main positive here is that it brings the dealer into the game a little more.

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