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What Your Room Should Look Like if You’re A Gamer

Your Room Should Look Like A Gamer

Placing your PC or console setup in a room that doesn’t feel as joyful as you want it to feel can take away from your gaming experience. Seeing some gaming rooms online or in real life can give you some ideas for getting your room done the way you like it. Fixing up your room to look like the perfect gaming room can be pretty easy and pretty cheap, you just need to know what to look for. For instance, just imagine putting up a Neon Sign and getting the gaming vibe to set up the mood. Sounds cool, right?

Here are 8 ideas of things every gamer should have in their room.

1. A Color Scheme

Having a dark theme in your gaming room can work just as well as having a colored scheme, but it will limit your options of changing things around in the future. Settling for a subtle color scheme can allow you to insert any extra accessories like a mouse or keyboard with RGB lighting that you can control. This gives you the ability to always change the colors of your accessories while maintaining the same overall look for your setup.

2. A Gaming Chair

The chair in your room can tell a lot about the type of person you are as a gaming chair is instantly recognizable through its unique design. Your chair is generally a centerpiece in the room as it’s large enough to either add to your room’s design or stand out awkwardly. Gaming chairs are also very comfortable, so getting one for yourself can be beneficial for your comfort and your posture throughout long, intense gaming sessions. Gaming chairs generally come in several different colors so make sure you pick a color that goes with your room’s color scheme so that it doesn’t take away from your room’s general look.

3. A Colorful PC Setup

Your PC is what’s going to bring the whole room to life as it’s going to be the main thing you focus on while having all the other furniture in the room supporting it in the background. PC parts manufacturers have been incorporating RGB lighting into parts like the graphics card and the cooling system primarily because PC cases have a side window where you can see all of the parts from within. Getting yourself a colorful PC setup without sacrificing performance is a very doable task, you just have to find the right parts for yourself.

4. Controllable RGB Lights

Controllable RGB Lights

It’s rare to find a monitor that has RGB lighting built into it without having to break the bank to be able to afford it. However, you could always install your lighting system around the room. Experienced LED light manufacturers over at recommend that you measure the number of watts that you require for your lighting setup beforehand to avoid overheating in any certain area. Once you’ve done the math, you’ll be able to install RGB lighting that’s controllable via remote to help you change the colors around the room whenever you like.

5. Ensure That Everything Fits Comfortably

Space is one of the most important aspects when it comes to how comfortable a room looks at first glance. Placing less furniture comfortably is always better than placing a lot of furniture in a very cramped area. Plan ahead before adding anything to your room as you’ll need to figure out how much space it’s going to take and where you’re going to place it inside the room. It’s very difficult to make a cramped setup look tidy or pleasing to the eyes so keep a good amount of space around the room to keep it nice and tidy.

6. Floating Shelves

Gamers struggle to place all of their games and action figures around the room as sacrificing a big space around the room for a cabinet seems like a bit too much. However, installing floating shelves around the room saves you from spending any of that precious floor space while also being a much cheaper alternative. Floating shelves can help you place any of your collectible items with extreme comfort so if you’re running a little low on space, consider installing a few floating shelves to get the space you need.

7. Soundproofing

Let’s face it, some games get intense so it’s easy to lose track of how loud you can become. But the people you live with or your neighbors definitely won’t understand, even if you try to explain to them. An easy way for you to be as comfortable as you want while gaming is installing soundproofing around the room so that you can completely immerse yourself in the gaming experience whenever you please without disturbing your housemates or your neighbors. Soundproofing also allows you to play a game while using your speakers instead of your headphones to create a whole different gaming experience without the fear of getting the knock on your door telling you to keep it down.

8. RGB Mousepad

Mousepads are one of the most neglected accessories that gamers overlook as they’ve always been seen as a simple piece of cloth that doesn’t have any function other than helping your mouse move around smoothly. This information is extremely incorrect as RGB mousepads can be the last missing piece in uniting your setup’s colors as having your mouse, your keyboard, and your PC shining with your favorite colors can look good but add an RGB mousepad into the mix and the setup simply looks complete. With mousepads giving you the ability to change the colors around easily while still being very affordable, you can easily add an extra layer of color around your room with ease.

As a gamer, your room is where all the magic happens. Fixing your room up to look exactly like the gaming room of your dreams is how you improve your gaming experience permanently. Spending a little extra money to ensure that everything you get is more durable will save you more money in the long run when compared to buying cheaper items that won’t last very long. Your gaming room should look exactly like what you want it to so put a lot of thought into it before rushing into buying specific items.

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