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Are You Looking for a JavaScript Data Grid? Check Handsontable!

Getting a ready-to-use JS data grid API for your project is a sensible idea, especially when you are looking for advanced functionality and performance. Although professional programmers can easily create simple data grids, most applications and websites require complex features, which take more resources to develop. Handsontable will provide you with anything you might ever want to have in your data grid.

Looking for a JavaScript Data Grid

JS Data Grid with Built-in Options and High Customization

Whether you are looking for a data grid rich in ready-to-use functionality or you want your grid to be highly customizable, Handsontable is useful in both cases.

This API has the necessary tools for working with columns, rows and cells. Along with a large selection of cell types like date, time, numeric, select, dropdown, checkbox or password, there is also an option for creating your own types that will perfectly fit your data. This grid also offers clipboard functionality, commenting, displaying column summaries, exporting tables, merging and disabling cells. Formatting, validating and autofilling are also supported.

Some of the unique advanced features of Handsontable are nested headers, binding rows with headers, row trimming and multi-column sorting. To customize your data grid even more, you can try configurations for its renderers, plugins and cell borders.

Handsontable for Robust Performance

Scalability is a key feature of any modern website and application since it guarantees smooth performance under a heavy load. A load of a data grid is related to the number of records processed at a time. Factors increasing the load are manipulations you are performing with your data as well as live updates. You should pay particular attention to the latter if you need a data grid for visualization of financial or trading information featuring frequent real-time changes.

Handsontable uses row and column virtualization for the flawless performance of JS data grids containing large data collections. This feature allows you to limit the volume of data points rendered to the records within your view. Scrolling columns or rows will render more elements and hide the ones that are already outside your view.

It is a powerful way to work with large data sets.

Turning Data Grid into Spreadsheet with HyperFormula

Although JS data grids are not designed for calculations, Handsontable can be extended with the component created by the same development team. HyperFormula aims to add more spreadsheet functionality to data grids and provide their users with powerful tools for calculation.

Adding HyperFormula to your Handsontable data grid is effective for creating online calculators, computation notebooks and smart documents. It is also a great solution for form and business logic builders. The API will give you access to almost 400 built-in functions, which can be used for diverse tasks including financial, statistical and engineering calculations.

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