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What To Look For In A Good GPS

The days of getting lost when out driving can come to an end if purchasing a Global Positioning System (GPS). There are plenty on the market but if you are unfamiliar with the product, just what do you look for if wanting to buy a good GPS. This article takes a look at the top features you want when looking for the best GPS for your car

What To Look For In A Good GPS

Finding a GPS that is easy to use is important. The last thing you want is to set your heart on purchasing a GPS and then not being able to use it. Thankfully, they aren’t too difficult to set up and a good read through the manual should answer all your questions.

While the GPS will work out the shortest route to get you to your destination, it can’t drive your car for you.  What happens if you make an error and still take the wrong turn? A good GPS will realise what has occurred and immediately calculate a new route to get you back on track.

It’s handy to purchase a GPS that has lifetime map updates available over Wi-Fi. This means that there is no need to plug the GPS into a computer in order to get that new information.

Screen size is an important factor and you will want to purchase one that will be easy to see. Buying one that you will have no difficulty being able to read is ideal. It’s not a case of going out and getting the largest one available. One that is too large can be difficult to carry and cause problems being able to see everything when it’s placed on the windscreen. Buying one that has a mid-range screen is the best idea.

It’s good to have a GPS that will actually name the street that you are about to turn into. Hearing your GPS tell you that information will mean you can just look for the relevant street sign. The Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX is a good example. Being able to set an alternative route is also important if news comes through of traffic problems on your intended route.

Blue Tooth Communication is a good feature to look for in a GPS. Being able to use it on your Android or iPhone is going to be very helpful. You will be able to take calls and use voice texting which will make things a lot easier while driving along.

It’s not just about getting to your desired destination without getting lost. A good GPS will also give you advance warning about upcoming speed and red-light cameras. The Speed Limit Alerts feature is useful to if you want to prevent yourself getting a speeding ticket and this is available in a GPS such as the Magellan RoadMate 5630T-LM.

You can see therefore, that there are plenty of features that you will want your GPS to possess, so think about the ones mentioned when looking to make a purchase.

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