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What Is Youtube and what’s it for?

YouTube is an online platform that hosts videos on its server, including videos about Gclub online casino games. All users of the world wide web can use the free services of YouTube to add, view and comment on hundreds of videos of other users.

What Is Youtube and what’s it for

History of YouTube creation

Hosting for a site called YouTube was created relatively recently – in 2005. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Javed Karim came up with the idea to create a service where you can post videos (they worked together at PayPal). Soon these guys sold their common brainchild to the giant Google Corporation, which cost the latter 1.65 billion dollars. Now many well-known figures and companies on this promoted website form their own channels, placing video material there and advertising themselves in this way to the target audience.

Viewing videos on YouTube

Any user can use YouTube without being signed up.
Getting access to the selected topic is quite simple, and this is done in the following ways:

  • by entering keywords or phrases;
  • material is filtered by date and popularity;
  • searches on the basis of the graphs by rating.

Statistics show that modern people, on average, spend about an hour watching videos on Youtube. Video clips and blogs, home shoots, interviews, presentations, episodes of street events-all this fills YouTube. Over the course of a month, all users collectively view videos at least 6 billion times. Thus, video content is of great importance in today’s world.

How to make money on YouTube

It turned out that YouTube helps a considerable number of people make money. Let’s take a look at this mechanism and note that first you need to sign up (you can do it for free). In the future, you will need to work on shooting videos using a video camera or even more advanced shooting advanced. The necessary condition is a high-quality image and sound, and the absence of extraneous noise. In the “Video Manager” section, there is the “Settings” tab where you can enable monetization.
An advertising network that includes its short material in the video of the declared author and pays for views. You will have to constantly make videos and attract subscribers to your channel in order to get a huge number of clicks (visitors put their ratings, and therefore the video should be interesting for the masses).

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