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Learn About Microsoft Azure Types And Architecture And Its Layers

MS Azure enterprises have been using MS Azure for answers to the IaaS. MS Azure storage is renowned and has a great demand all over the computing world.

Microsoft Azure Types And Architecture And Its Layers

Azure storage

The world is modernizing. Technologies are increasingly more safe space is required to store confidential and random data for enterprises. MS Azure storage is very convenient for users, it has no extra requirements and the user does not need a hard disk or a separate hardware for a distinct type of storage.


Azure storage is very important in fast paced technological lives because it ensures that the data will remain safe and stored if there is any mishap. They offer the maximum amount of data security. Certsland users have complete access to the data. It gives up to date versions of security methods of data and continues to inform all the users with any changes.


There are 5 types of Azure storage services which can be chosen according to the needs and wants of the users. The access to these storages is by different storage accounts.

Azure blob

Object storage solution for cloud . It has a very unique structure which helps in storage of raw data which is not structured in texts and numbers i.e. binary. Azure blob is used for playing audios and streaming videos.images and other documents and files are delivered to the browsers. It is common for its extreme storage capacity, disaster recovery and backing up data. Blobs are easily accessible to users by Azure CLI, REST API and URLs

The Disk storage

It  works by an Azure managed disk. It is also known as a hard disk but it is virtual. They are abstractions of storage accounts along with the blob containers. Azure takes the full responsibility of management of the disk the users only have to give the data for storage.

Queue storage

 A new advanced addition in the storage facilities provided by MS Azure is quere storage. It is about the storage of messages. It aids the storage of MS Azure and the extraction (recapturing ) of messages. A large number of data can be stored in queue storage which is a very good facility . 64 KB of Queue data in the form of texts can be stored. Nonsynchronous processing of data i.e. messages is done.

Table storage

Storage services are modified and table storage was added in MS Azure storage. The MS Azure cosmos DB Table has been a great facility that provides optimized tables .

MS Azure Files 

Availability of network file share has been made accessible by using SMB protocol. Which ensured that many users can share files, edit them simultaneously. They enabled users to go through the files in fact, anyfiles by using a specific URL for the file from sitting at any place in any part of the world. A feature of shared access signature token allows the users to reat private files of a user for some time.

MS Azure architecture

Understanding the structure of MS Azure is essential for understanding its working. The data that is stored on MS Azure is automatically stored three times in the storage stamps. There are three storage stamps.


Architecture layers are very important for the maintenance of placement of data in certain Azure regions. There are three layers.

  • Stream layer
  • Partition layer
  • Front end layer

Azure storage stamps

Every stamp of Azure storage has its individual fabric controller. One storage stamp has many storage nodes. They are basically used to decrease the faults in the storage.

Location services

They at the best make sure that the storage stamps are being managed efficiently and properly. Name spacing of stamps is also controlled by location services.


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