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Urology is a broad spectrum that involves multiple medical and surgical treatments that treat diseases of the urinary tract in both men and women. They also specialize in detecting any problems in the reproductive parts of men. People who pursue urology are known as urologists.

They can work in hospitals, private practices, and urology centers. The best urology hospital in Bangalore is home to many trained professionals who are acquainted with these disorders. These treatments can differ in both sexes, based on their organs.

Some of the issues treated under urology are cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stones, urinary incontinence, voiding problems, and urinary tract infection (UTI).


Best urology treatment in Bangalore embarks competent doctors who are well-versed in conducting life conversations and delivering fruitful treatment. Urology can trigger complications in people that are often embarrassing to talk about. Their roles go way beyond performing surgeries.

They also counsel patients about lifestyle changes and prescribe medicines to relieve their troubles.  Contrary to typical beliefs, even women consult urologists. Although men seek treatment from them more often, both sexes rely on urology.

The doctors must also be familiar with other related fields such as gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, and other specialties.


1) Benign prostate enlargement results in the expansion of the prostate. Therefore the person may experience difficulty in urination.

2) Cancers and benign tumors.

3) Dehydration is a dangerous loss of fluids from the body. In such an event, it can prompt urinary disorders and difficulty in peeing.

4) Urinary tract infection.

5) Kidney diseases

6) Sexually transmitted diseases.

7) Trauma or injury.


The reasons behind consulting a urologist are the troubles arising in the urinary tract among men and women. Some of these symptoms are:

1) Frequent need to urinate.

2) Foul smell in the urine.

3) Fever and chills.

4) Cloudy urine.

5) Pain or burning sensation while urinating.

6) Leaking of urine.

7) Feeling perpetually ill.

8) Baffling weight loss.

9) Cramps in the abdomen.

10) Discoloured urine.

11) Distinct odor in the urine.


1) Kidney and ureteral stones: Stones start developing in the kidneys. This phenomenon happens in the event of crystals being present in small forms in the urine. The stones may inhibit the flow of urine smoothly, stimulating pain.

Most times, people excrete these stones without the aid of medication or surgery. In more complicated situations, they have to seek medical help.

2) Urinary Incontinence: Loss of bladder control marks urinary incontinence. People may want to urinate very often and experience some unwanted symptoms. Pregnancy, diabetes, enlarged prostate, UTI, and severe constipation are some causes.

3) Prostate cancer: The prostate is a small walnut-sized gland among males that releases seminal liquid and helps transport the sperm. A prostate cancer infects the prostate gland and grows over many years. It can trigger issues while urinating, induce blood in the semen, and cause weight loss.

4) Erectile dysfunction: Also known as impotence, this occurs when a man does not get erect and hence is unable to perform sexual activity. Rare occurrences are no cause for worry. However, if it is sporadic, one must consult a urologist.


Treatment plans can change depending on the situation. Some complications can disappear with sufficient self-care, whereas others need medications, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Antibiotics can help in treating infections. Doctors recommend patients to avoid any irritants that trigger ordeals. The patients are also taught bladder control to amplify the amount of urine that can be held.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy help cope with cancer and obliterates cancer cells. Surgical methods like Lithotripsy are used to eliminate kidney stones. Physical treatments and biofeedback therapies relieve spasms of the pelvic floor.


1) Anemia

2) Chronic pain

3) Impotence

4) Infertility

5) Spread of cancer

6) Proctitis

7) Pain suffered during sexual intercourse

8) Joint and ocular inflammation

9) Kidney disease or abject failure.


Diseases of the urinary tract can provoke massive discomfort to the sufferers. It can additionally be awkward as no one likes to talk about these subjects readily.

However, trivial lifestyle adjustments may help evade these troubles. Staying hydrated is the most cardinal step to retrieve. It is a comprehensive measure that can combat many issues. Urology is one of them.

People must also make other prudent choices in life and stay active. Avoiding smoking is imperative. It mars the body in every aspect. Imbibing more restorative practices and eliminating harmful ones will lead to a robust body.

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