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What Is The Plot And The Release Of The Hunter X Hunter: Season 7?

About the Show – Hunter X Hunter

One of the most well-known Shonen anime series is ‘Hunter X Hunter’. Its success has been aided by the intriguing plot and thrilling action scenes. Despite its fading popularity, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter is still one of the most well-known anime series ever created. Both the manga and the anime have enjoyed economic success, in part because of their unconventional storytelling styles. There are a plethora of interconnected characters in it. On the contrary, the wide range of personalities that make up its world is always in contact, whether it be direct or indirect. A compelling plot is created through the interactions and tensions between these people.

Hunter X HunterWhy is Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter Delayed?

The delay of Hunter’s 7th season is the main cause of “Hunter X,” the current manga material deficit. Before Togashi can release more manga, Madhouse won’t have enough finished stories to fill up a full season.

Why is Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter Delayed?

Togashi was open about the manga in an interview with Weekly Shonen Jump in May 2018. He has to complete ‘Hunter x Hunter’. It has reached the point where he will either pass away before the story is finished, or the story ends before. However, he is taking efforts to complete it.

On May 2022, Yoshihiro created a Twitter account, and his first tweet was probably a teaser at panels for Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter. So perhaps the wait is finally over. The tweet’s accompanying text, which read “4 more episodes for now,” is essentially a confirmation. This was followed by numerous other hints, so here is a quick schedule for Hunter x Hunter: Season 7.

What is the Plot of the Hunter X Hunter Season 7?

What is the Plot of the Hunter X Hunter Season 7?

The following manga chapter that Madhouse will be adapting, is the one about the Dark Continent Expedition. But given how quick it is, the Succession Contest storyline might end up appearing in season 7. Each manga story arc receives a season of Madhouse treatment. Simply said, a shorter arc with less narrative would lead to a shorter season. Similar to how the 12-episode Heavens Area storyline was adapted in season 2. It’s unclear how long the Succession Contest narrative will last since it’s currently in progress. Its plot, nevertheless, is already more complex and extensive than the one in the Dark Continent arc.

Therefore, regardless of whether Season 7 ever airs or not, fans of “Hunter x Hunter” should be ready to say goodbye, even though doing so may be difficult for them. The series’ fans have learned to expect big anime battles, so maybe the conclusion will have more of them.

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The Release of the ‘Hunter X Hunter’ Season 7

The lack of primary material from the “Hunter x Hunter” manga is the main obstacle preventing the publication of a new season of “Hunter x Hunter.” Over the past ten years, the manga has seen multiple big hiatuses and has always moved at the speed set by its creator Yoshiro Togashi.

The Release of the ‘Hunter X Hunter’ Season 7

But what if the anime’s designers opted to develop Season 7 on an outline, similar to “Game of Thrones”? This may be the case if viewers interpret Mariya Ise and Megumi Han’s coded social media posts as a sign that the next “Hunter x Hunter” chapter has started to be written. The first six seasons were created by the animation studio Madhouse, which has proven its ability to release content swiftly. The firm created 148 episodes of the program between 2011 and 2014, with the first episodes of three distinct seasons debuting just in 2012.

The English dubbed version of the show began broadcasting many seasons every year after the Japanese version of it began, despite a large time lag between the two. As a result, if production is in progress, a new season may debut by the end of 2021, and if it does, fans may see an English version by 2022. However, these predictions are completely theoretical.

‘Hunter x Hunter’ Season 7 – About the CAST

Fans currently only have Mariya Ise and Megumi Han’s social media posts to base their expectations for the voice cast on. Gratefully, Funimation translated these posts so that fans who know English may get a sense of what they may signify for the future of the show.

‘Hunter x Hunter’ Season 7 – About the CAST

Megumi Han, who gave the voice for Gon Freecss, the lead character, shared a picture on Instagram with a microphone along with the statement, “She is extremely delighted to return to her ‘starting point’ and was recording alongside her ‘partner,'” according to Funimation. Han’s most notable early role—aside from a few very minor ones—was in “Hunter x Hunter,” according to IMDb.

In the meantime, Mariya Ise, who plays Killua Zoldyck, tweeted that she was working on a project, and was happy to catch up with ‘partner’,” as per Funimation. Two of the original cast members will return to voice the main characters if these messages are referring to “Hunter x Hunter.”

There is no reason the English dub couldn’t use the same talent if the Japanese production is attempting to keep the same voice cast. This suggests that Cristina Valenzuela, who now plays Killua Zoldyck, Erica Mendez, who currently plays Gon Freecss, and Michael McConnohie, who will likely narrate Season 7, could all return.

‘Hunter X Hunter Season 7 is made by which Studio?

The Hunter x Hunter reboot’s six seasons, which concluded in 2014, were all animated by Studio Madhouse. Since the anime is regarded as one of the best ever produced, particularly for its incredible sound design and breathtaking visuals, we can be confident that Madhouse will also produce Hunter x Hunter: Season 7.

‘Hunter X Hunter Season 7 is made by which Studio?

Even if the anime’s plot was occasionally disjointed, Madhouse ultimately did a fantastic job, and maybe the sequel will take the same course.

Which Platforms will Air Hunter x Hunter – Season 7?

It should come as no surprise that the complete Hunter x Hunter anime series is streamable on practically every service given how popular it is. Since there is a similar level of anticipation for Hunter x Hunter: Season 7, we can be confident that the main streaming services, including Crunchyroll and Funimation, will provide it right away.

Which Platforms will Air Hunter x Hunter – Season 7?

With that, it appears like Hunter x Hunter: Season 7 will undoubtedly return at some point shortly. Despite the lack of information about the anime, we are confident that it will begin with a bang.


Fans might not have to wait too long for new content since two of the key voice actors of the series have teased fans with exciting social media tweets about Hunter X Hunter. There is a good probability that season 7 of Hunter X Hunter will premiere by the year 2024 after Togashi is well to begin writing it. By 2023, Madhouse will possibly start dropping hints on the upcoming Hunter X Hunter.


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