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6 Best Manga For Free Apps

Do you know about Manga?

Well, if you said no, then let us tell you that it’s Japanese-style comics and you would be shocked to hear that these comics are not only loved by people in China or Japan, but people from all over the world love and read them.

The stories, the characters, and the timeline of those comics are amazing, and the best part of these comics is people love the reality factor of them.

Moreover, most people love these comics because of their reality factor only. But, here’s an issue and that is you can’t order Manga comics easily. Hence if we have a look at their online alternatives then also people are unaware of websites or manga for free apps.

Here in this post, we are specifically going to talk about the 6 best Manga for free apps with the help of which you can read these Japanese comics for free easily.

6 Best Manga For Free Apps

Let us have a look at 6 best Manga for free apps that you can use right now:

1- Manga Toon:

Manga Toon

The first option from the list of Manga for free apps is Manga toon which is a free manga reader app with the help of which you can get all the latest to older manga comics easily. Not just that, there are a number of manga comics that are released on a daily basis but the editors of Manga toon select specific comics which are loved by most of the audience and then add those options to the platform for other readers.

The biggest feature of Manga toon is that you can get the HD reading option for all the manga comics easily.

Another benefit of selecting Manga Toon as your next best Manga for free apps is, that you do not get access to Japanese comics, along with that you can also get access to Korean comics and more.

2- Manga Dogs:

manga dogs

If you are an iOS user and looking for the best Manga for free apps then Manga dogs is the option for you. Also, we would like to inform you that Manga Dogs is just available for iOS and is not available for android devices.

The biggest feature of this app is you would be able to get access to all the popular mangas easily. Not just that this app has more than 20 resources from which they pick the comics, this is the reason you would be able to get the latest manga comics on their platform within no time.

Another big feature of this application is that you would be able to read those Manga comics in 6 different languages.

Within the app, you would be able to get a recommendation feature with the help of which you can know about the best comics right now in the market and five reasons to read manga on a budget.

3- Manga Plus:

Manga Plus

This app was developed by Shuiesa and is the official manga reading app of the company. Shueisha is a globally renowned manga publisher. They publish some of the most popular mangas including Dragon Ball, Naruto, etc.

The Manga Plus library is updated with the latest mangas as soon as they get released. Hence, new mangas are added every day and you can access them for free.

The app is a lot more like a social network. As a user, you can drop comments on the manga you read and also read comments posted by others. Furthermore, you can message creators of your favorite mangas and also join their fan communities.

4- Manga Z:

Manga Z

Manga Z is described as a one-stop manga reader for all manga fans. It is natively compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Notably, it’s also available as a Windows desktop application.

If you don’t know the manga to read, you can access the daily recommendations section. There you’ll discover the best new mangas available.

You’ll find it easy to locate any specific manga with this app. This is because Manga Z features several filtering and sorting options. You can sort the manga list by author, title, genre, and popularity among others.

Conversely, you can either stream manga comics online or download them for offline reads. Like most free manga apps already mentioned, Manga Z will notify you when there’s a new release of your favorite mangas.

5- UR Manga:

UR Manga

UR Manga is a popular manga reading app used by over 1 million users. It’s one of the best free manga apps thanks to its ever-expanding library. More than 2,000 new manga comics get added to the UR Manga library daily.

You’ll find a manga on different themes with UR Manga including love, fantasy, adventure, etc. The app features an interactive reading model. The plots are tailored for each user and what you chose will determine the outcome of the story.

You can fully operate it with one hand thanks to the unique positioning lens and scroll mode. There’s the option for you to add your best mangas to your Favorites for easy access.

6- Manga Now:

Here is another best free manga app for iOS devices. It was optimized to be a very fast-performing app and by default, Manga Now supports color and long strip manga. The app is also compatible with Android OS, but not officially because it is not present in the Google Play Store.

Manga Now

Manga Now features a minimalistic UI. With such a simple UI, you can easily and quickly locate any manga comic you’re interested in. It doesn’t have any redundant features and it uses a powerful engine to optimize the mangas loading speed and save the user’s data.

The app features manga in different collections including comedy, sci-fi, action, horror, adventure, and a lot more. Notably, Manga Now features manga comics from popular websites like MangaNelo, Mangakakalot, Manga Eden, and Mangago amongst others.


Want to know about the best Manga for free apps? If yes, then this post has everything you need to know about.


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