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What is CIF Number? Where Can You Find Yours?

People having a bank account are much familiar with the term CIF number. Let’s look at what is cif number? And it’s mean. The full form of C I F refers to the customer information file which security and contains the information of every individual Bank holder. It contains 11 digits of the number that is often used by the bank in order to decode any information related to a particular customer. The information includes loans, KYC, as well as demat along with address proof and identity proof is required.

However, this 11 digit code is different for each and every individual Bank holder. And this number cannot be altered with different accounts. It has been specially coded in order to acquire the entire information of the customer at a single click and also includes information about the customer of their different accounts at a single place. The what is cif number in sbi is mainly intended in order to make everything clear and get out of fraudulent activities which often takes place while dealing with loans. Moreover, it is blended with vital statistics, account balances for the entire transaction information along with the type of the account customer is holding in order to go ahead with various product services as well as administrative purposes.

CIF number sbi

Making use of CIF number sbi will help in providing different activities of the individual at a single place. In recent days the CIF is executed electronically. In addition to that, you can know how to get cif number of sbi on prospective files or documents. However, this number can be considered to be similar to that of Aadhar card number where this Aadhar gives special identity on the other hand CIF is intended to provide complete bank details of a particular individual along with the unique code. By now you might have a clear idea regarding what is cif number?

Where can one find the CIF number?

Perhaps it is very easy to find this number which is included with both online as well as offline banking facilities.

If you consider online:

  • Through Internet banking
  1. Simply log in to your internet banking by providing the required details.
  2. Now click one status option.
  3. Then select the required period for e-statement.
  4. Now you will be finally taken to the page where the entire account summary will be displayed along with the C I F number.
  • Through a mobile application

It is very easy to find the sbi CIF number on the mobile application of different banks.


  • Passbook

On the first page of the passbook, you will find this number printed on it.

  • Cheque book

The number is directly available on the first page of the bank book which is available in printed format.

  • Customer care

Even if you contact the customer care number regarding any information you will also be provided with CIF details.

  • Bank manager

You can even directly contact the bank manager of the respective Bank in order to know information related to the sbi CIF number.

Can you share the CIF number with others?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with sharing this number with anyone as the main purpose of the number is to provide transparent banking thereby avoiding any sort of confusion. Other than this number you are not allowed to share the rest of the bank information as it needs to be held confidential, no matter even if it is a customer care representative.

Some of such information that needs to be more confidential includes a one-time password that you received, account details, debit card number, PAN card number or even your mobile number that is linked with the bank account. The CIF number sbiplays a very important role especially in the banking sector, which is useful in order to maintain trial of the customer’s account from various accounts.

To make it clear for you here is one such example of how to find cif number in sbi bank.

No matter even if you have an account at any other bank because the same procedure is applicable for any bank. Here is the step by step process that will easily explain how to get cif number of sbi as well as other banks. Here is the best example which can never be found anywhere else.

Online procedure

  1. Internet banking
  • Log on to the SBI Bank using your details.
  • Now you have to select a particular date in order to extract the E-statement.
  1. Mobile application

The mobile application will also help you to know how to find cif number in sbi

Offline procedure:

  • If you open your SBI check then you can find the number on it.
  • Alternatively, you can also find it on the SBI passbook.
  • If not you can also dial 1800 11 2211, 1800 which are customer care numbers who will readily provide you with the number of details.
  • 425 3800 and 080-26599990.
  • If you still do not find the number in these mentioned places then you can directly contact the respective Bank branch to get more details.

However, the same process is applicable in order to find the what is cif number in sbi irrespective of any Bank that you get associated with. Hope you like the article for more go to the Startupopinions and you can find the fiances stuff you are looking for.

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