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Top 5 Best Alternatives Websites for MP3Boo

Enjoyment in life is really important. It is very important to life to the fullest. Some people have the ideology that if you earn well then you need to spend well. There are a lot of ways which people implement to enjoy themselves. These methods are really helpful to bring back a smile on your face.

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Music is an integral part of our lives. No one can deny this fact. Actually when a person is disheartened or unhappy then music helps a lot. So we all people sometimes download music for ourselves. Even some people have the tendency to listen to music at different times like reading, studying and many other times.

So actually everyone wants good music and that too for free of cost. Actually there are some ways to get good music for yourself and that too for no cost.

The thing is that music these days is not available on internet for free of cost. You will be charged for getting good music and downloading songs and other musical stuff for yourself. Some websites do not allow to download music for free because of some issues like legal issues and copyright issues.

But no worries. If you are looking for websites for downloading music other than MP3Boo then just go through this article. We are going to mention all the alternative websites which provide music for free.


We are talking a lot about MP3Boo. This website has always tried to bring best music to us. It was actually rated as the best and the largest website to download the MP3. The website used to deliver the best music of all time. At one point of time there are were roughly 28500 music albums and 372000 songs on this website.

But people used to visit this website a lot which resulted in a lot of issues. The problem is that all this caused the website to block which made the people suffer. But no worries now. We are bringing to you the best alternatives for MP3Boo website for downloading music.

So here are the best alternatives.

  • Loudtronix

Here comes the first one. The first one to be put on your platter is loudtronix website. It is one of the best website to download music. It is very similar to MP3Boo. The loudtronix website makes you available with all the best music which is trending and which all the people like to hear.

It is very easy to move around the loudtronix website. You can just search for your song in the search bar. Actually you can not just download the music but you can play music and watch music videos as well.

  • MP3Juices

Another website for music downloading which is very similar to loudtronix and MP3Boo. It is one of the most popular choice of music lovers. Here you can access millions of songs for your use. You just need to enter the website and you can get access to all the latest songs.

There are a lot of suggestions of the similar songs which you have listened to as well.

  • MP3INT

Another very popular websites for downloading good music for yourself. The most important thing about this website is that here you can access the latest music and the layout of this website is very simple and easy to understand and use. You can search for your songs in the search bar made available to you for searching songs.


One of the most tempting site to download music for your use. This website has very good layout. The website has very good and promising page. On this website you can fetch all the best music for you. All the latest music is available for downloading on this website. Anyone can create account on this website and get used to the best and the most popular music of all time. So do visit this website once.

  • SoundCloud

It is a very typical music website and a very popular one as well. No can argue with this fact. It is one of the best music website for getting free music and other music related stuff.

On this website you can gain access to widest range of music. When it was introduced it was seen as a music gaint and it turned to be one. This thing cannot be denied. The main thing is that this website keeps all its visitors engaged. Here on Sound Cloud you can share music as well. So we can say it is a very accomplished website for downloading music.


So these are some of the best websites to download music other than MP3Boo. So keep track of all these websites which are mentioned so that you can remain in touch with best music of all time. For more article go to Skytechosting and get the awesome tech stuff.

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