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What Is An Academic Conference?

Most doctorate students who have finished completing their research study are eager to present their results and findings to a large audience. An academic conference is an event that serves this purpose. An academic conference may be held for one, two or three days in a reputed hotel or an institute of higher education. It is an excellent platform to showcase your talent to an esteemed committee of reviewers, who moderate the content of the conference.


In general, researchers present postersand oral presentations at an academic conference. Although all conference papers are published in the form of a proceeding, a few selected papers of high-quality are published completely in a special issue of SCI (science citation index) or SCOPUS journals. In general, conference presenters have cooperation with three to five peer-reviewed academic journals. The editor-in-chief of these journals are invited to serve as keynote speakers at the conference.

All the participants are asked to present their abstracts at the conference. A quick question and answer session is held at the end of each oral presentation, which helps new researchers engage with an audience of experienced and young researchers. Cutting-edge research studies that present novel findings attract the attention of the audience, and an academic conference is surely a platform of networking with high-quality researchers.

Academic conferences may also be held by professional bodies, which invite only distinguished professors to present their work at the conference. However, students may act as co-authors of these conference papers as usually many post-doc researchers work with professors on multiple research studies. Moreover, these professional conferences can be held at an international level, national level, regional level, or local level by the organizing committee.

Some academic conferences may only include work presented by undergraduate students. Very often, these conferences organize academic writing workshops for students. The students are familiarized with the academic style guides of international journals. Moreover, distinguished professors may also give talks on how to find jobs in academia. These events not only showcase the research skills of budding academics, they also serve as platforms for knowing the best talents in a particular field of study.

A budding researcher can form long-lasting collaborations with international researchers who share similar interests. Most budding researchers can engage in interesting conversations with distinguished professors and keynote speakers at the academic conference. Attending the plenary sessions of keynote speakers is a must as they are the best in their field of study. Most budding researchers can receive research grants after publishing their work in international journals. Attending an academic conference certainly improves the hopes of publishing in international journals.

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