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What Is Adblock And Why Is It Best Suitable For The Twitch App?

What is an ad and why does it appear on websites?

What is an ad and why does it appear on websites?

An ad is a short form of advertisement and it refers to the practice of using various methods to attract the attention of intended consumers toward products or services. The process of generating awareness and curiosity is employed by businesses using various modes including digital and paper media. One such method is the display of information on computer websites also known as online advertising. In today’s modernized world, digital advertising is one of the most effective ways of reaching a larger crowd of consumers and leaving a greater impact. With the use of artificial technology and machine learning, advertisement is reflected on the computer screens of the most vulnerable or desirable audience leading to a higher consumer conversion rate.

Companies prefer to spend heavily on online advertisement to:

  • Reach a specific set of the consumer audience
  • Benefit from the flexibility offered by online advertisement
  • Generate concrete post-advertising data and measure results easily
  • To gain an advantage over competitors
  • Build long-lasting consumer awareness and impact.

Why ads could be the least interesting aspect of browsing?

Although online advertising seems like the go-to choice for market players, too much of anything is never good. As the latest surveys indicate, end-users of the internet find these ads as a hindrance to a smooth and optimum browsing experience. Factors leading to a consumer feeling annoyed due to the constant display of ads on a website could be multifold. Some of these issues are listed below:

  • Ad frequency
  • Irrelevant ads
  • Poor audience targeting
  • Advertisement size
  • Absence of option to skip or close the ad
  • Webpage placement.

Why are Ad-blockers the best solution for a smooth browsing experience?

Ad-blockers are hailed as saviors against unwanted and constant advertisements that are either displayed on web pages or played on video streaming websites. In simple terms, ad-blockers are software whose only function is to filter and block ads that are not required or undesirable by the internet user. Ad-blockers are like any other application that can be easily downloaded and installed to deliver results. Most ad-blockers can be accessed as website extensions as well and are known to be compatible with almost all platforms or devices.

Looking for reasons, why ad-blockers should be on your list of downloads? Here are some:

  • More than blocking ads: Ad-blockers are effective tools to attain privacy online. Most of the ads are installed with third-party trackers that consumers are unaware of. These trackers can invade privacy by stalking a user’s online browsing habits
  • Better speed: Ads can slow down a browser’s speed since advertisements are loaded with texts, images, videos, graphics, etc. Without the ad play, websites run faster
  • Higher Protection: Ad-blockers provide excellent protection against malware as some ads are click baits designed to infect a computer system
  • Enhanced user experience: Once the ads are removed, there are no distractions and loss of space on the website, leading to a coherent browsing experience.

With the basics cleared, let’s understand the software Adblock in detail


Adblock is one of the game-changing software developed by Michael Gundlach. The software was launched in 2009 with a vision to provide internet consumers with a distraction-free browsing experience. When we get into the details, ad blockers, in general, do not directly block ads instead they deny any request for displaying information on websites. The Adblock software functions on a simple list also known as the filter list that entails a list of content-display requests that should be accepted or rejected. The list is made of the number of uniform resource locators (URLs) divided into blocklists or allowlists. Adblock, post inception, has gained extreme popularity amongst internet users and the statistics are as mentioned below:

  • The application has more than 65,000,000 registered users globally
  • Adblock is available in 40 languages
  • 127 translators available
  • Compatible with most browser extensions.

What exactly is Twitch?


With origins in the United States, Twitch is a live video streaming service provider with the main focus on live-streaming of video games but also broadcasts music videos, in real life, and other content along with esports competitions. The application is run by a subsidiary of the technology giant,, Inc, under the name of Twitch Interactive. As of February 2020, Twitch has more than 15 million active users per day and the count of registered members was as high as 3 million.

Twitch is currently the most famous and well-accepted application for the live streaming of video games and has managed to overtake YouTube Gaming. The app is sometimes used to impart teaching on video games.

Is Adblock the same as Adblock Plus?

Adblock Plus

Essentially, Adblock Plus was the first original ad-blocker to be rolled out in the market for use with new-age ad-blockers being inspired by Adblock Plus. Both applications are highly effective in blocking undesired advertisements with Adblock providing an added benefit of blocking ads that are missed by the software with the help of a single click.

What are some other ad blockers for Twitch?

ad blockers for twitch

Although Adblock is the most favored ad-blocker for Twitch, it is always good to be aware of options.

1- AdGuard: The software offers customization and is compatible with mobile devices, MacOs, and Windows

2- CyberSec (NordVPN)- One of the easiest ad-blockers to use that offers security solutions at no added cost

3- uBlock Origin: A free ad-blocker with impressive solutions

4- AdLock: One-of-its-kind software offering a 30-day refund guarantee

To Conclude:

Although the market is filled with multiple ad-blockers, by far Adblock has been rated as the most desirable application for the Twitch app. This preference is due to the app offering effective output without any glitches or delay unlike other ad-blockers in the market. Some ads might skip-through the blocklist due to the monetary arrangement between the business running the ad and Adblock, but the software can block almost all of the ads, giving the user an improved browsing experience.


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