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What Is A Proxy For Instagram?

Nowadays, Instagram is a great source for traffic if you wish to get your business out there. Not using it would just mean that you are missing out on what the Internet has to give you. However, considering that privacy is also an issue of great importance, you might want to consider doing some proper research into proxies for Instagram.

What Is A Proxy For Instagram

What Is a Proxy?

To put it in a manner that is as simple as possible, a proxy will act as an intermediary between the Internet and your computer. It can offer the user a faster connection with a web server in particular – or it can just make your browsing fully anonymous.

You may also use it for seeing content that was blocked in your country. The proxy will simply hide your IP and make your destination server believe that you are from an approved country for visiting it. This way, you will be enabled to visit that website in particular.

Why Do You Need Instagram Proxies

Let’s say that you don’t have to speed up your Internet work, and you don’t have to visit any geographically restricted web pages either. In this case, why in the world would you need proxies anyway?

The idea here is that Instagram tracks all of the IP addresses that you use, analyzing your online activity even if you do your work manually or if you use an Instagram follower bot. Therefore, your IP may bring forward a certain degree of suspicion if you:

  1. Manage more than one account at the same time

Let’s say that your occupation is that of an SMM specialist. In this case, you might be responsible for the promotion of 5 brands or more – and you will need to have one account for each brand. Instagram allows you to connect 5 accounts at most to your app – but if you do anything to raise the suspicion of Instagram directors, you might find yourself with your accounts sanctioned or closed.

However, a proxy will hide your IP address, preventing Instagram from knowing that those accounts are managed by the same person. This way, you will be safe to handle your activity and promotion on Instagram, without worrying that you will be banned from the platform.

  1. Create a number of collage accounts with landing pages

Let’s say that you create a few accounts, where the followers will be able to see a full-page picture with those 9 small squares. Usually, these profiles will look pretty much like a landing page – and their purpose will be for selling just one product or service.

Ideally, you may want to refrain from using one proxy for more than three Instagram accounts. If you do handle more than three, you may want to buy some extra proxies as well, to get more coverage.

  1. Promote a catalog profile

If you promote a so-called catalog profile, each post will have a link to a subaccount that links a prospective buyer to their website. Instagram may see this kind of activity as being suspicious if it occurs continuously from your server – but if your activity is hidden by the proxy, then you should be safe as you are browsing.

Types of Proxies

Proxies can branch out in several different types and categories – but in this case, you might want to consider categorizing them by means of privacy. In this case, you have proxies as follows:

  1. Public Proxies

Public proxies can be used by every Internet user. They might not be as efficient when it comes to some of the above-mentioned issues – mainly because more than one person can use the proxy at the same time. The speed is also fairly slow, which might make you wonder whether it’s even worth getting themor not. However, they are low-budget (in some cases even free), which might make them a good choice if you are on a budget.

  1. Semi-Private Proxies

Semi-private proxies are relatively safer when compared to public proxies, as they can only be bought by several people. Still, they have a certain risk factor – which is why they might not be very good for businesses either. There is a good chance that you might end up being blocked from using Instagram.

  1. Private Proxies

If you find some good Instagram accounts for sale, it is likely that this type of proxy will be the only one keeping you from getting kicked off of Instagram. Assigned to just one person, private proxies are the best proxies for Instagram because this proxy will provide you with all the privacy that you need – and you won’t be compromised because someone else is using the same server as well.

It is also infinitely faster compared to the other proxy types – therefore ensuring that your business is not lagging. This tends to happen a lot when more people are going through the server at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Proxies are fairly convenient for Instagram, as they will help maintain your privacy and prevent you from being banned from the platform. However, you must be selective about the proxy that you use – but as long as you use it properly, there should not be any issues.

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