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What Elon Musk MIGHT Say in An Interview

Elon Musk MIGHT Say in An Interview

The mastermind behind PayPal, Tesla, and Space X is quite the unconventional entrepreneur and hard to get a hold of for an interview. However, when he isn’t taking a NYS defensive driving course he was filming interviews. So many in the past several years for one to… hypothesize what he would answer. Below is that hypothesized/fake interview with the man behind many of today’s futuristic ideals.

How do you want Tesla to be perceived?

When people hear Tesla, they instantly think of expensive electric cars. But what I have in mind about the bigger picture is that it is the transport of the future. If we are to sustain the pace at which distances don’t matter now but lack of fossil fuels does, Tesla is the future!

What is the one thing you see missing in the market for electric cars?

It is amazing how everybody knowshow to set up your car’s Bluetooth and that we are running out of non-renewable sources, yet even the bigger players are hesitant on innovating. I have often said; solar power is the future. Why not have a car that works around it? I am open to new ideas and helping competitors too. The idea is to develop something path-breaking. When we launched the first roadster, we were sure that the bigger companies would be quick to launch electric cars. Been 10 years, yet there is not much that has been done. That is something to worry about!

Speaking of competitors, is China a competition in the electric market?

Since Tesla has been entirely dedicated to electric cars, it doesn’t have a competition yet. In terms of energy density, efficient control, acceleration, and safety – Tesla is still winning. I have seen the electric models from China. They lack our sophistication, but that is not something that can’t be corrected. I do see China emerging as an automobile king of the world.

What is your take on other companies in the automobile manufacturing space?

They are trying to look in the direction of hybrid cars because that, of course, comes with loan benefits. There is taxation relief for lesser carbon prints. Governments across the world are encouraging eco-friendly options. Heavily taxing petrol and gasoline is something being resented by the refineries and the automobile manufacturers alike, yet I believe it is a way to promote non-conventional means. Soon the manufacturers will be reluctant to drop the fuel run models.

Then, what is the future for petrol/diesel powered cars?

I have two petrol cars back at my home. Yes, I am the guy who is crazy about electric cars too. Do you see the point? It is going to take time to conquer the whole globe because it is still not small enough. With most of our superchargers still running in Europe, we are still at a nascent stage in breaking the market. The petrol/diesel/ gasoline cars are going to be here for some time. However, countries like Norway, are on their way to be 100% free of gasoline by 2020. Sweden is all electric cars already! That sure looks promising!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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