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ICO Marketing Strategy- 10 Important Ways to Promote

The marketing strategy for ICO is as much important as in the other industry. Many ICO companies have stepped into the market seeking the growth and development. Cryptocurrency has already gained the public eye and in order to survive in the market, you must have the effective ICO marketing strategy.

ICO is basically a fundraiser to raise enough funds to successfully develop the cryptocurrency venture or startup. It is important to know how to launch an initial coin offering before developing its marketing strategy.

Your ICO marketing strategy should be well planned because your first impression really matters and there is one chance to convert the people into prospective investors. In this post, check out the 10 effective ways to promote your ICO.

ICO Marketing Strategy

 1. Proper Website

The website is the foundation for the ICO marketing strategy. It’s where people check your message, develop trust and ultimately decide whether to invest in the ICO or not. There should be a well written white paper which is unique and not copied from other resources. The website should be well designed with clear and easy navigation to check the information about ICO. The website must have the clear call to action which attracts the visitors and they perform the suitable action. Eventually, an ICO project proprietor may consider using a specific crypto ad network, like Coinzilla.

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

The website should be fully optimized with well planned on page and off page SEO strategy. When SEO is performed effectively then you can drive the right traffic of people interested in investing. The SEO strategy should include the online reputation management which minimizes the attack by rivals. SEO helps in developing the branding which can make the good online reputation of ICO in the market. It also helps in building the trust in ICO as SEO yields long-term benefits.

3. Media Outreach

Press Release helps in getting the highest exposure to spread the message online. There are some free sites that allow publishing the press release but if you want to reach the larger audience then go for the premium sites. Having your article published in the form of guest posts on relevant and popular sites is the best way to reach the targeted audience without any price. ICO coin listings are the effective way to get the visibility and credibility of the ICO project.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective method in 2018. It is the conventional channel to connect the person one to one and deliver the message of investment in ICO. It is difficult to target this channel as one of the largest email providers Mail chimp has banned the ICO mailing.  But there are other email service providers that you can utilize to deliver the mail. The best way to use the email marketing is building the opted-in email list. The results of email marketing are slow but it is powerful in generating the good ROI.

5. Social Media Management and Communities

The essential parts of successful ICO marketing strategy are social media and community management. It is important to get the trust of the community and social media platforms are the right channels for it. Here is the list of channels that should be the part of marketing strategy.

  1. Reddit- It has the well-informed audience to target and winning their trust can go long way for ICO to get success. Creating subreddits and posting a comment on the existing thread can generate a high level of exposure.
  2. Facebook Groups

Advertising isn’t allowed on Facebook but you can promote the ICO in the Facebook groups with an interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. In fact, you can create your own community to reach the audience having the interest in ICO.

  1. Twitter

There can be no advertising on Twitter like Facebook but you can increase the followers for your Twitter profile and target the people interested in ICO.

  1. Forums

You can post the comment on the thread of the forum site such as This has a wide range of audience who participate in forums and has a fair degree of influence.

  1. Quora Discussions

It has a high level of exposure for cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO. So write a high-quality answer to promote your ICO and drive the traffic.

  1. Linkedin Groups

The LinkedIn groups consist of thousands of members and are free to target the members and reach to a larger audience during the promotion.

You can hire the social media manager to publish your posts and communicate with the communities to get the high level of exposure.

6. Bounty Programmes

It is a good way to offer bounties i.e. incentives and rewards to the investors and keep them engaging after the offering in the pre-ICO stage.

In 2018, you have to work harder and smarter in your ICO Marketing strategy to get the investors for the ICO. Follow the above-mentioned ways and get success with a lot of investors investing in the ICO.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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