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Is Tor Browser Safe – Where We Can Use It?

Deep web is considered to be the hidden 96-97% of the internet which consists of several unindexed web pages and websites. What the normal user sees and accesses is only about 4% of the total internet. The deep web has a smaller subset, called the dark web, which is considered to be one of the primary hubs for all sorts of illicit and criminal activities happening across the globe. The entire concept of the deep web and the dark web functions on anonymity across the network. Hence, it is no wonder that it is a risky affair and requires special software as well as special authorization and configuration to access the dark web. One of the most famous tools for accessing the dark web is the Tor browser. But is Tor browser safe? This is the question which resides in almost every one’s mind.

Tor Browser Safe

What you need to know about the Tor Browser?

A tor browser is like a conventional web browser available online, but it is mostly used to access the dark web. One of the key features of Tor browser is that it maintains anonymity of the user across the network. This was developed by the Tor Project, which is a non-profit organization backed and funded by the United States’ government. It was previously known as the onion browser, but the name was later changed to Tor browser. The Tor browser, developed by DARPA, came into the market in the year 1997, and was then known as Onion Routing. Renowned computer scientists Syverson, Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson collaborated together and further developed it and named it as the Tor Project. This project was again launched in the year 2002.

The basic motto behind the Tor Project has always been to maintain anonymity of the users across the internet. This idea of anonymity is also shared by the US government, and hence they invest heavily in the Tor Project. The first version of the Tor browser was released in the year 2003. Even with such a dynamic development, is the Tor browser safe?

How safe is the Tor browser to access the Internet?

We all know that the dark web is a dangerous and unpredictable place, and users must exercise extreme caution while surfing or accessing data from there.  Our personal information is at risk, and so is our system. Data has an immense value in the market of the dark web, and they are often sold at very high prices over to the highest bidder. This information may contain your credit or debit card number, your name, address, telephone number and other such information. This data can then be used by scammers and hackers for misconduct and theft.

Therefore, it is of top priority that a powerful web browser is used to access the dark web which not only protects our data from the outside world, but is also successful in maintaining a high level of anonymity in such a dangerous place. Overall, the Tor browser stands tall in all of these aspects. The browser is extremely well developed and is capable of protecting your data and your system from outside attacks or theft. Despite all these positive traits, the Tor browser is not completely fool proof and the users must take certain basic steps to ensure that they are protected from the dark web.

How to Disable JavaScript on Tor Browser?

Even though we have a got an answer that is the Tor browser safe or not, we must configure and fine tune some of the basic settings to ensure that none of our data gets leaked online and it stays protected. One of the most basic things you can do to ensure your data is protected is disabling your java script cookies. Most of the website scripts on the dark web may contain malicious code, and if the java script cookie is turned on, your web browser may run it and enable hackers to gain access to your system. In order to disable your java script cookie in the Tor browser -:

  • In a new tab, type ‘about: config’ in the URL section.
  • Search for JavaScript option in the list.
  • Find the JavaScript: enabled option.
  • Double click on it
  • This will change the value from True to False.

Congratulations. You have successfully disabled java script cookies from your Tor web browser. Another step you can take to ensure that no scripts run on your Tor browser. Click on the ‘S’ button located at the top-left corner. Then select ‘Forbid Scripts Globally”. This will prevent any script from running on your Tor web browser the next time you are surfing the dark web.

The Last Words

In conclusion, it is a known fact that the dark web is indeed a dangerous and an unpredictable place. So a powerful web browser is required to safely access the dark web, and Tor is arguably one of the safest web browsers out there. There have been several claims that the Tor browser is not as secure and safe as it claims, but this article answered the question ‘is Tor browser safe’. Tor is one of the safest web browser, and with the right settings and configuration, you can easily and safely access the dark web without landing into any trouble.

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