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What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do?

Immigration lawyers are professionally dedicated to helping those individuals who are facing challenges associated with immigration requirements.

Immigration Lawyer

The role of an immigration lawyer is typically that of an advisor who counsels foreign citizens and/or immigrants interacting with U.S. immigration authorities and officials. Immigration lawyers provide the necessary guidance for immigration matters that include –

  • Visa applications
  • Citizenship matters
  • Green Cards
  • Naturalization
  • Deportation issues
  • Employment for non-US citizens, among others.

Immigration lawyers spend less time handling civil cases when compared to other types of attorneys as the focus of their work involves mediation between a client and the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

If you live in Kentucky, it is noted that when you hire an immigration Lawyer in Lexington, KY, they will often appear before an immigration judge for clients who must attend an immigration hearing. In addition, many immigration lawyers also handle immigration cases that intersect with criminal law.

Those who hire an immigration lawyer typically need help when submitting an application for a visa or green card. An immigration attorney can be a wealth of information for those who have difficulty understanding (with or without language barriers) the requirements set forth by immigration law in the United States.

Circumstances Where an Immigration Lawyer is Considered Mandatory

When and If the Applicant has been Convicted of a Crime

Nearly all the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services’ forms require the applicant to disclose if they have been convicted of a crime. The applicant is instructed to disclose their entire criminal history. In fact, an applicant is mandated to disclose their entire criminal record even if the relevant charges have been expunged or dropped. Note that hiring a criminal attorney for these matters is not typically required unless the situation is severe or unusual.

Prior Immigration Applications Have Been Denied

An immigration lawyer has the experience and skill to determine why the visa application has been denied by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services. Additionally, a seasoned immigration lawyer will be able to determine why the application was denied and if an appeal or re-application is a possibility.

If the Applicant has Previously Been Excluded Entry to the United States or has Been Deported

Sometimes deportation or exclusion means that the applicant is permanently prohibited from submitting future applications to the USCIS. An immigration attorney can offer guidance as to the consequences of exclusion or deportation.

When the Application Waiting Time is Unreasonably Long

Immigration attorneys understand the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services’ application processes, including typical deadlines and anticipated waiting times. At times, an experienced immigration lawyer can assist an applicant in obtaining an expedited application process.

If an Applicant has a Medical Condition

Certain medical conditions, like infectious diseases, may preclude the applicant from obtaining entry into the United States.

An Immigrating Family with a Child that Might Reach Age 21 Before Permanent Resident Status is Awarded

Eligibility requirements regarding permanent resident status differ for children who are not yet 21 years of age. An experienced immigration lawyer can help determine which methods are best for filing for the applicant’s children.

The Visa-Applicant’s Marriage to a U.S. Citizen Ended before the Conditions of the Permanent Resident Status Were Removed

Visa applications connected to a marriage are typically filed jointly. If a marriage has been terminated (because of divorce or death, etc.), an applicant may find it quite challenging to prove that the marriage in question was not fraudulent.

If the Applicant has Applied for an Employment-Based Visa, but the Future Employer is Unwilling to assist with Immigration Issues

Processing visas related to employment can be quite complex. An immigration attorney has the skills and experience to help ensure future employers are meeting their obligations to their potential immigrant workers.

If an Applicant Wants to Modify Their Permanent Resident Status But was Recently Divorced & Subsequently Married to another, different U.S. Citizen

The primary concern for the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services is that the first marriage may be suspected to be a sham. A seasoned immigration lawyer may be required to sufficiently prove that the first marriage was indeed legitimate.

If the Applicant has Previously Submitted a Visa Application that is in Process but Does Not Know How to Complete the Next Steps

Under certain circumstances, the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services may request additional documentation in support of a claim made by the applicant on their submitted application. Working with an immigration attorney from the start can help alleviate unnecessary delays and may even help to expedite the process.

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