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Workplace Security: Tips and Tech

Smart tech is slowly embedding itself into every corner of society. It aims to make everyday life easier but also make big changes like discovering terminal illness early and reverse the effect city pollution has on the planet.

One big change that is aiding everyone, is the advancements in Workplace security. Your company can implement a lot of small changes with a few pieces of hardware to make you, your staff and your business safer. Read on to find more information.

Workplace Security

Keyless security

Access to either locations or data can all be improved with smart tech. The simplest implementation is already commonly seen, most recognizable in hotels: the smart card key card.

Traditional keys are often lost, can be copied easily and outdated locks can be accessed without the use of a key.

Companies can print off identification cards that can double as a key to access certain areas that fit the role of the staff member. With its link to a storage cloud, a smart card can be programmed to allow access to whom you wish, when you wish. For example, a staff member can be granted access to the warehouse, but not the till, and only within the hours that you specify.

You can also keep track of who’s going to wear it with keyless technology. Which staff member entered a room, when, and for how long can all be stored in the cloud should you, or the law, need to know.

The cloud system will also allow for remote access, which can be particularly useful for businesses with various locations. You can make adjustment to schedules and lock or unlock doors from your nearest.

It’s not just building access this technology is being used for, some newer models of cars are embracing the keyless system; making you start an engine with the push of a button rather than the turn of a key and open your car door with a keyring containing a smart chip.

Computer and Software Access

Smart cards can also offer more secure access to software and computer systems. Due to their high security, they enable you to implement two-factor authentication meaning youre users will need to present their card in addtion to proving a username and password.

Passwords can be shared, whereas a smart card will act as a form of ID and will be programmed to allow particular people access to data. For example, a doctor accessing patient files will only be able to see files of patients he is dealing with, rather than access to every file in the hospital.

Microsoft, for example, is starting to use a smart card badge to access information, which they claim is “tamper resistant”. It is a portable way of allowing only information to a person who is cleared with pre-set and authorized privileges.

This will keep the data of your clients, customers, and businesses safe from prying eyes.

Contactless payment

Embracing contactless payment will also have a lot of positives for any business. Payment will be quicker, cleaner, and safer.

A contactless payment method will store data in a secure place and transfer money through an encrypted channel, making sure money goes exactly where it’s intended and nowhere else. It creates an automatic paper trail should something go wrong with the transaction, which protects both you and your customers.

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