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Looking to Learn How to Speak English Like a Native American?

If others appear to get lost or look confused when you’re speaking English—or if they’re somewhat judging your foreign accent—you might consider learning it from a native English speaker. Although the process can be difficult sometimes, it can be especially rewarding and fun if you have the right info—and the right people around you.

Speak English Like a Native American

In a nutshell, you might want to check what AJ Hoge has in store about how to become fluent in English—or you can choose to enroll for a course with a native English-speaking teacher to help you hone it—and speak it flawlessly just like a native English speaker.

Knowing How to Speak Flawless English

Although you might already know how to speak English—it helps to also know that there are several regional dialects and speaking patterns that are diverse, dynamic, and convenient ways of communicating. However, it’s very unfortunate for people who can’t speak standard English. Hence, they may not be able to talk effectively, or maybe, others might discriminate against them as uneducated—or even worse.

Similarly, there are several ways you can try out to effectively improve on communication—know how to speak fluent English, and sound more like the native speakers. Let me explain.

While it’s based mostly on written English—Standard English is recognized to be the most popular and diversely accepted. Further, American and British English look similar but vary significantly. For instance, some punctuations and spellings are different—even the accent. Hence, it’s important to know that there are vast zonal English dialects in the world.

Looking to Learn English Online? Do it with Native English speakers

Be sure to check in with any of the following six online platforms for learning linguistics to help speed up your English learning process. Also, feel free to explore the Internet for other options that haven’t been mentioned here as different platforms have different learning schemes or some great offers that can be especially rewarding.

  1. DuoLingo
  2. LiveXP
  3. Livemocha
  4. Verbling
  5. Preply
  6. Italki

If you’re looking to learn English online—the interactive way—DuoLingo can offer a competitive experience. This platform has a game-like interface that rewards users with certain points each time they complete specific assignments on time—making the whole process fun and easy to digest. Also, it can track your progress and offer some helpful tips to improve your English proficiency.

LiveXP on the other hand is a premier-like English learning platform. Thanks to its awesome User Interface (UI), and English-speaking teachers visible from the first page —you can use it effortlessly—and without reaching out for any technical assistance.

Moreover, while it’s among the first online learning platforms, Livemocha allows you to access native English speakers among other linguistics enthusiasts—and professionals across 190 countries to assist you. Hence, you can develop your networking and communication talents by interacting and practicing with these people. Be sure to check with the other platforms to learn more from within.

How to Become Fluent in English

Many people who seek to learn English often begin at the basic level. Their eyes, however, are always fixed on learning how to speak it fluently—and flawlessly—just like a native speaker. But how are you going to feather in with native speakers who often use fancy communication terms from slang, idioms, or proverbs in conversations? The answer? Learn it from a native English-speaking teacher.

Equally, unlike slang which is pretty awesome to use but often almost not found in the English notebook, native speakers use idioms too in a conversation. They can say—for instance, “when pigs fly” to mean: talking about something which is never going to happen. Or, they can say other things like, “a piece of cake” to mean: very easy, or, “feel under the weather” which means: not feeling well., etc.

In his page, AJ Hoge explains how you can become fluent in English using his effortless methods. However, at the English Live on: How to Speak English Like a Native Speaker, you can also learn some tricks for becoming fluent in spoken English. It will include how listening to a radio or watching a film can play a significant role in your learning process.

Lastly, if you’re always feeling upset when it gets hard to keep up with a conversation with a native speaker—or you’re having some trouble understanding what others are saying—the English Live page might have some substantial solutions for your problems. But if you have other great options to learn English online—that’s even better.

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