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What Can IT Support Do for your Business?

We all need Information Technology, which works silently in the background, powering our digital world, yet IT can do so much for a business. The titled question is one on many small business owner’s minds and in this short article, we offer you a few good reasons why your business needs IT support.

IT Support

  • Migrate to the cloud – Most businesses are already on the cloud and there are many benefits from doing so. Migrating all your business data to a secure remote server allows you and your employees to access the data from any location, using any digital device. Your office PCs will thank you, as their drives no longer have to store gigabytes of data, which speeds up operation. You never have to worry about someone stealing your data when your business data is on the cloud.
  • Protect your data – We all know just how prevalent cyber-crime is these days, so much so that the FBI have a huge department to investigate data theft and other forms of digital fraud. Even a small business runs the risk of being hacked and when you enlist IT support in Las Vegas, you have 24/7 cyber-protection by industry experts.
  • IT hardware support – Let’s face it, hardware issues are a real pain! That color printer always seems to show that ‘replace ink cartridge’ message, while the copier loves going into ‘error’ mode. The answer to IT hardware problems is fixed-fee hardware support, when all your IT equipment is monitored and issues are sorted asap, which keeps your business online.
  • VoIP communication – Why pay cell networks a fortune every month when you can switch to Voice over Internet Protocol, which offers real-time video for a fraction of the cost of a phone call. You can even hold virtual meetings with your team, wherever they happen to be and there are some very powerful features with programs like Zoom, such as file sharing and a digital whiteboard. The provider makes sure that all your communication platforms are secure.
  • IT consulting – When you are planning to expand your business with new offices, that means IT hardware purchase and before you invest in hi-tech equipment, you should seek out an IT consultant. Making the right hardware choices is essential and as your business grows, so can your IT infrastructure.
  • Data recovery & back-up – If you have ever lost valuable data, you understand how it feels when all that hard work vanishes and when you make good use of local managed IT services, all your critical business data is automatically backed up every 2-3 minutes. In the unlikely event you encounter a corrupt drive, the IT experts are usually able to recover the data. Top-rated cyber-security protects your data from hackers; essential in today’s world.

All of the above services can be found with your local IT support provider in Vegas and they would be happy to carry out a free needs assessment and present you with a proposal showing how they can boost your business with IT services that are managed.


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