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What Are the Simplest Mobile Games to Play?

Mobile devices have given us a completely new way of playing, with thousands of games for us to choose from. While we can find some complex mobile games, there are also plenty of simple alternatives that anybody can pick up quickly when wanting a quick, casual gaming experience.

Simplest Mobile Games to Play

Puzzle Games

The best mobile puzzle games offer a simple yet hugely appealing way of exercising your brain wherever you happen to be. Some of them are far more difficult than they look, although you may be fooled into thinking they are easy due to the simple graphics and undemanding early levels. Getting started is easy, but advancing gets more difficult with each level you complete.

Among the best casual puzzle apps around, we can see the likes of Tangle Master 3D by Rollic Games, where you need to untangle a series of coloured ropes. Another is called Match 3D and sees you trying to find the matching items. Cut the Rope by ZeptoLab is all about trying to choose where and when to make your move and cutting the rope to get past the obstacles.

Arcade Games

The simplest arcade games currently available for mobile devices include retro classics like Sonic Dash by SEGA and a variety of titles based on the massively successful Pac-Man franchise that we all recognise instantly. The fairly basic graphics and straightforward gameplay of older arcade games make them perfect for playing on a mobile device.

Angry Birds was released by Rovio back in 2009 and remains one of the most popular apps of all time due to its captivating gameplay and amusing graphics. This is a great example of how mobile arcade games can stand the test of time without being hugely complex or needing you to learn a lot of controls. All you need to do is fire the birds at pigs to try and clear each level.

Arcade Games

Casino Slots

The move of casino slot machines to online platforms has provided us with another way of playing on a completely flexible basis. These games are typically very simple to play, with features such as free spins and wilds adding some variety. Visually, the different themes ranging from Ancient Egypt and Rome to modern movies, music stars, and a lot more.

A good example of this is the Rainbow Riches login, which is a slot based on Irish luck. In the game, a leprechaun guides the player through the five reels and 20 paylines. Rainbows and golden coins are used to enhance the gameplay and there are three bonus features to try and trigger for wins.

The Future Will Bring a Growing Variety of Games

With the number of apps on the Google Play Store and the App Store growing all the time, it is no surprise to see the variety of games increasing too.  However, our desire to get hold of simple, undemanding games means that many of the new releases will continue to be interesting games that are easy to pick up, like those we have looked at here.

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