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What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Certified Solutions Architect Associate?

A solution architect is a certification holder of AWS (Amazon Web Services) solutions architect. Basically, he is a part of the team of solution development and therefore has the responsibility of maintaining and designing one or more applications as well as the services of an organization. AWS Solution Architect is required to have both technical and business skills with the right balance. So that he can build a strategic direction for the smooth running of an enterprise architect. AWS Solution Architect Training mainly focuses on the technical decisions for solving a problem and determines their impact on business outcomes.

AWS Solution Architect Training

All this information is then utilized by the development team in order to implement an effective solution. So, we can say that a solution architect should have people skills as well. This is because they are the ones who most often explain complex problems in the simplest way to the management team within an organization. So, they keep on explaining the same thing but all in different ways as it depends on the type of audience. A solution architect is responsible for understanding all the processes of a business properly for creating a product.

Responsibilities of Certified Solutions Architect Associates

  • The position of a solution architect has many roles and responsibilities. Starting from building and integrating the computer systems along with information to satisfy specific needs, they do it all. Basically, for generating a customer-defined purpose there is an integration of software and hardware.
  • The examination of current architecture as well as systems is done by solution architects only. For this, they work with business and technical team in order to recommend efficient solutions for excellent systems. These certified solutions architect associates are involved in the project whose needs and requirements are generated by the computer systems analyst. Thereafter, their project involvement exists throughout the entire project completion.
  • During SDLC i.e. systems development life cycle, they are responsible for organizing the tasks of the development team and also guide and motivate then at every phase. Sometimes, they are required to examine testing, programming, and integration of every software device and system.
  • Hence, a solution architect associate maintains a balance between the architectural and enterprise concerns for ensuring effective running of an organization’s work. These solution architects carry years of experience in business and software development and thus, are more beneficial and productive for an organization.
  • An enterprise architect, a technical architect, or a solution architect, all are responsible for developing complex enterprise systems and are helpful in solving high-level strategic issues of an enterprise. For a successful business growth, a strategic direction and planning and its execution is a must. Therefore, an enterprise architect provides an understanding of all the technical along with business-related facilities for supporting the enterprise.
  • A certified solution architect has the responsibility to describe the utilization of different types of components for business architecture, information, and technology to provide a particular solution. So, we can say that a solution architect maintains a proper channel between enterprise architecture and technical architecture.

Tasks Performed by Solution Architects

  • They envision effective solutions in accordance with the corporate environment. The environment of most of the companies includes information context, operating systems, and integration requirements. So, a solution architect is responsible to make sure that if a new system comes then it fits the existing environment of the company well.
  • They understand a business model work and its different parts together. Such include application processes, architecture, and operating systems. Having knowledge of such processes, a solution architect is able to design the best solution for the company’s environment.
  • The primary aim of a certified solution architect associate is to meet all the requirements of the stakeholders. We know that software product development completely depends on meeting the needs of stakeholders successfully. So, they make sure that a product satisfies all the technical as well as non-technical requirements properly.
  • The task also involves informing about the budgeting, processes, and costs associated with the product development to the stakeholders on a regular basis. They translate all the essential technical details that are related to a project into a simple understandable language to management and non-technical stakeholders.
  • A project always has some constraints or limitations like the technology used, risks, scope, time, cost, resources used, quality, and more. So, defining these constraints along with determining the scope of a project, including all its features, tasks, goals, and functions is important. Hence, a solution architect is needed to first understand these project-related constraints and then take major technological as well as managerial decisions for achieving the project’s goals.
  • One of the functions of a solution architect is to find out the best practices which are most suitable for building an excellent project. However, it is generally considered as a complicated task as it needs a proper assessment and comparison of technologies.
  • A software architect associate also keeps in check the non-functional requirements of a software project. These requirements depend on the complexity of the product. Some of them include security, performance, maintainability, reliability, usability, and scalability requirements. A software architect then analyzes all these non-functional requirements correctly.

Roles and Duties of Certified Solutions Architect Associates

AWS Solution Architect Training

  • They conduct architecture analysis and evaluation. They also maintain the design of wide enterprise systems.
  • They ensure that there is robust delivery of system solutions by the team of application architecture of an organization.
  • They enhance, develop, and maintain the already established procedures along with process service design in order to assure robust design.
  • They work with enterprise architect to design and execute complex solutions and suggestions.
  • They take care of all the customer requirements and conduct product recommendations. Also, analysis of alternatives, network, and software configurations are maintained by them.
  • A solution architect works with the team of sales department in order to demonstrate all the requirements. For this, they evaluate and choose suitable software or hardware methods needed for integration.

Therefore, certified solutions architect associates have many roles and responsibilities within an organization. And if you are enthusiastic about this job profile make sure that you get your desired certification at first for a successful career in this field.

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