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How A Thermometer Works to Prevent the Pandemic

Following the recent worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, many medical supplies are running short globally. Along with clinical masks and disinfectants, IR thermometer is one of the most important tools to prevent the spreading of the epidemic especially in its early phase.

The IR thermometers we are familiar with today are a kind of electronic thermometers which is different from the old mercury ones. By using the electronic thermometer, one can quickly measure body temperature in 2 seconds, while you know the story for the old mercury ones, basically the new technology makes things much easier.

Infrared Thermometer

When compared to its traditional counterpart, the electronic thermometers are designed to be easily used in hospitals and homes as they are safer, due to not having mercury that is harmful to the human body and the surroundings inside. Furthermore, they are highly precise, displaying in short time body’s temperature, and can be implemented in public areas, working places and communities.

When it comes to face the current emergency scenario, many companies have been kept searching for an answer to the great demand of thermometers. Among them stands out GVS with its offer.

Established in 1999, GVS Group, is specialized in the production, development & research and sales, providing both OEM and ODM solutions (with over 300 customized products) to more than 30 domestic and foreign healthcare leading brands. GVS is devoted to smart production, security service and medicine innovation with its development concept that keep safe, comfortable and healthy in production. Aksoo as part of GVS, is a company mainly dedicating itself to security and health equipment of the hospitals.

Full HD Led Display

Aksoo assists many companies to work in safety, with its independently developed infrared forehead thermometer. These devices as core part have infrared induction components which allows temperature measurements without being in close contact, therefore avoiding cross-infection.

Since fever is one of the main symptoms of the virus, using infrared thermometer at the entrance of companies or communities has been proven to be the less invasive test to identify infected people.

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

As for its utilization, Aksoo infrared thermometer is easy to operate. Just point at a person’s forehead, 2 seconds later you will be able to read your temperature. With subjects that exceeds the preset temperature limits, the thermometer will give out alarm beeping.

Other than infrared thermometers, GVS also have at disposal other products for the prevention from COVID-19. For instance, together with GVS video intercom, the GVS IoT temperature measurement system can automatically check the temperature through IoT Gateway carried Lora or Bluetooth.

Reporting System

The IR thermometer from GVS, beyond any doubts, is the easiest way to prevent a wider spreading of the virus when it’s appropriately used, especially when battling the COVID-19.

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